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Conveniently located and with a very flexible and versatile structure the GlogauAIRĀ“s Project Space is the perfect venue for workshops, classes, training or co-working sessions, meetings, photo or film shootings, pop up exhibitions and screenings.

It disposes of a big garden for outdoors events as well as fully equipped kitchen and two toilets, one of them provided with shower.

The Project Space is 150 square meter big, has white wooden floor, high windows, natural lighting, and DSL connection. It is divided in four different rooms that can be rented separately or combined, as they are all connected.

The neighbourhood has plenty of free street parking, is close to public transportation, cafes, restaurants and green areas.If you want to visit the space, request the costs or need further information please send us an email at

glogauair glogauair

Room 1, 2 and 3

glogauair glogauair

Room 4 with kitchen

glogauair glogauair


Floor plan



DSL Lan / Wifi
Fully equipped Kitchen
Use of wash machine
2 Toilets / 1 shower


Video projectors
Dia projectors
DVD player
Flat screens
Sound System
Different lighting possibilities
Working tables / Table lamps
Folding chairs
Meeting and eating table
Technical assistance

Talks & Seminars

Project Space - Talk setup Project Space - Talk setup Project Space - Talk setup Project Space - Conference setup Project Space - MPA-B Conference 2015 Project Space - Artist Talk - Nicole Banowetz


Zwischenzeitlich, September 2014 MFASTUDIOBERLIN, June 2015 Exhibit!, March 2015 D-Generation, December 2015 Towards the West, December 2014 Standort, silvia Andrade, December 2015 But I can if you like, November 2013 And they lived happily ever after, December 2012

Workshops & Coworking Space

Live Shows & Performance