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South Korea 1975

From landscapes and the relationships of landscapes, I ask questions on certain similarities and attitudes existing among objects. Landscape is an object where relationship with myself starts only when experiencing the difference and the gap of each other through a kind of a voluntary learning process. By participating in the glogauair Residency program, I plan to walk around the outskirts surrounding the city Berlin for a long time, observe and experience the discord on the boundaries or local relationships with the urban structure. By experiencing changes in a landscape of a certain area, and by looking back at the old records, it will be possible to analogize the landscape's past, present and future, which will also become the object of my work's interest. I wish to follow the substance of the massive contemporary landscape by watching the collapsing landscape of my memory, which I could experience naturally in the outskirts surrounding the city I had lived since childhood, and the collapsing landscape that can be ventilated even in between physically far-away time and distance.

An Gyungsu at
Asian Art Show - A single painting // Resident Artist Exhibition
OPEN STUDIOS December 2015
OPEN STUDIOS September 2015

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An Gyungsu: Glow of factory

Glow of factory
180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2015

An Gyungsu: Warehouse

180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014

An Gyungsu: Blind spot

Blind spot
180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014

An Gyungsu: Flower night

Flower night
180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014

An Gyungsu: Power tower

Power tower
180 x 230 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014


Solo Exhibitions

2015 On the way, mmmg , Seoul/Korea
2013 On ground, project space MO, Seoul/Korea
2012 Barricade, ccuullpool, Seoul/Korea
2010 Island, GALLERY b’ONE, Seoul/Korea
2008 Green mountain, Brain Factory, Seoul/Korea
2006 Playroom, Alternative Space Gallery Cott, Seoul/Korea

Group Exhibitions/ Projects

2016 ASIAN ART SHOW 2016 - a single painting, ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART PLATFORM NON BERLIN, Berlin/Germany
2016 EXTENSION.KR, Triumph gallery, Moscow/Russia
2016 New Artist Project - space and light, 63Art Museum, Seoul/Korea
2016 Being in Nature, Museum SAN, Wonju/Korea
2015 The Sleepless, Gallery Zandari, Seoul/Korea
2015 ‘Memento’ , space K, Gwacheon/Gyeonggi
2015 Sorok SmallMuseum, Sorokdo National Hospital, Sorokdo/Korea
2015 KOREA TOMORROW, SungkokMuseum, Seoul/Korea
2015 IN and OUT - SEOHO art project 2015, Seoho Museum, Namyangju/Korea
2015 art space pool Fundraising Exhibition, art space pool, Seoul/Korea
2015 Philippines-Korea Contemporary Arts Exchange Exhibit ‹somewhere out there>, Bonifacio Global City/Philippines
2015 Russia-Korea Exchange Exhibition ‹Minima Moralia› Irkutsk Regional Art Museum after the name of V.P. Sukachov, Irkutsk/Russia
2014 CONVERSATION, Yangpyeong Museum, Yangpyeong/Korea
2014 The Breath of Fresh, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan/Korea
2014 Untitled Stage, nikita bencharov's hotel Music hall, Baikal Olkhon island/Russia
2014 black and white: summer solstice party, thomas park, Seoul/Korea
2014 COMMON CENTER Opening Exhibitions, ‹Today’s Salon›, COMMON CENTER, Seoul/Korea
2014 Reload, Project Space Pilipinas, Quezon/Philippines
2014 CONCURRENCE, West Gallery, Quezon/Philippines
2013 who draws, gallery button, Seoul/Korea
2013 galleryFACTORY project ‹On Mobility- Moving Landscape>, KOBALT+FACTORY, Seoul/Korea
2013 pool Public ‹art town project>, café eungabi, Seoul/Korea
2013 ccuullpool residency openstudio, ccuull, Seoul/Korea
2012 Platform festival, Incheon Arts Platform, Incheon/Korea
2012 ULTRA-NATURE : Overdose of Green, Suwonartcenter, Suwon/Korea
2012 UP-AND-COMERS, Totalmuseum, Seoul/Korea
2011 'I Recommend This Artsit 31', gallery soop, Seoul/Korea
2011 Platform festival, Incheon Arts Platform, Incheon/Korea
2011 "Strange and familiar", GALLERY GRIMSON, Seoul/Korea
2010 Storytelling, CYANMUSEUM, Yeongcheon/Korea
2010 Artists in Residence - Jahresausstellung der Frankfurter Gastkunstler, Frankfurt/Germany
2010 Home & Away, The National Art Studio Goyang/Korea
2010 Bibliothèque: A Library of Folding and Unfolding, gallery sangsangmadang, Seoul/Korea
2010 The 32nd JoongAng FineArts Prize, Seoul Arts Center-Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul/Korea
2010 OPEN STUDIO MAY, National Goyang Art Studio, Goyang/Korea
2010 Journey to Separate ways, SOHEON CONTEMPORARY, Daegu/Korea
2009 temptation, SOHEON CONTEMPORARY, Daegu/Korea
2009 BRIDGE PROJECT: project 4. Young Korean Artists Group Exhibition, CHANG ART, Beijing/China
2009 LARASATI SINGAPORE -Asian Modern and Contemporary Art-, Singapore
2009 the battle of life, Lina gallery, Seoul/Korea
2009 Brainfactory documentary party, Brain Factory, Seoul/Korea
2008 BUnited Statesn-Biennale 'ART IS NOW', BUnited Statesn Cultural Center, BUnited Statesn/Korea
2008 The Bridge, 25th anniversary of the opening of Gana Art, The 1st bridge(The Rights of the Gaze-Scope), Gana Art gallery, Seoul/Korea
2008 11th The Hoanghae Art Festival 'I DON'T KNOW YOU' , Incheon Culture & Arts Center, Incheon/Korea


2016 Gyeonggi Creation Center, Gyeonggi/Korea
2015 glogauAIR Artist in Residence Program, Berlin/Germany
2014 Baikal Nomadic Residency Program, Irkutsk/Russia
2013 ccuullpool residency program, Seoul, Korea
2010 Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main Artist in Residence-Programm, Frankfurt/Germany
09–10 National Goyang Art Studio, 6th Artist (Long-term), Goyang/Korea
2009 INCHEON ART PLATFORM Residency pilot program, Incheon/Korea

Awards / Support

2016 63 SKY ART MUSEUM new artist support Program
2016 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture/Visual Arts Project, Seoul/Korea
2015 Arts Council Korea/Support participating abroad Residency program, Seoul/Korea
2015 Chong Kun Dang art award, Chong Kun Dang, Korea Mecenat Association, Seoul/Korea
2015 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture/Visual Arts Project, Seoul/Korea
2014 Gyeong-gi cultural foundation / Announced support creative arts activities, Gyeong-gi/Korea
2013 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture / Visual Arts Project, Seoul/Korea
2012 SeMA Support program for young artists exhibition, Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea
2010 The 32th JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, 'second place', JoongAng culture media corporation, Seoul/Korea
2010 Gyeong-gi cultural foundation / Announced support creative arts activities, Gyeong-gi/Korea
2008 Arts Council Korea / Support the young artists, Seoul/Korea
2007 The 7th Songeun Arts Award, Song-Eun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2003 M.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik Univ., Korea
2001 B.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Dankook Univ., Korea