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The Self Manipulated


The Self Manipulated

Furst, Ori and Alberto Yusta

11.05.2018 - 13.05.2018
Opening 19:00 Friday 11th May 2018
@ @Glogauair

In this exhibition we are presenting two new collaborative audiovisual works. The installation ‘A Liquid Being’ is based on the metaphor of the self as a vessel for containing liquid. A principle attribute of liquid is that it modifies its shape to adapt to the form of the container, in this instance a self whose form is modified by its own system of self containment. ‘The Ship of Fools’, a three projector work, takes its title from Plato’s political and psychological metaphor of the state or self, as a sea vessel captained by a competing mob of fools.

With the aid of an artist's development grant our intention was to develop a prototype audio visual installation that was agile and easy to adapt to occupy large irregular spaces or to be contracted to function as a smaller stand-alone piece amongst other works, in other words not constrained by the typical restrictions of projection on a wall or screen. Part of our work has been the search for an interesting adaptable surface to project onto and working on the visual techniques that take advantage of this surface medium. Another objective was the development of a fluid creative process between the visual (Furst and Ori) and the audio and technical elements with the composer (Alberto Yusta). On the whole our preference is to keep visual effects ‘in-camera’ as opposed to digital post production, but an integral part of our working process with Yusta has been the introduction of some digital programming to sensitise the visuals to the audio during the edit.

Furst and Ori are the British and Italian visual artists Sergei Furst and Francesca Ori. Their primary mediums are painting and sculpture but in their recent exhibitions in England they have introduced audiovisual elements. They are currently working on a series of exhibitions to take place in Granada, Seville and Malaga in Spain. Alberto Yusta is an electronic music composer based in Berlin.

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