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Reflective//piano//improvisation #2


Reflective//piano//improvisation #2

Marko Ivic

18:00 - 20:30 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

Come in! Its cold outside.

Finally you made it inside. Into a space - in yourself? Falling on your back. Slowly the outside fades away. Eyes closed or open. Does it matter? Drifting anyways. Hearing scapes of sounds. You follow them - behind your eyes – or with your hands forming lines on paper. A piano is playing the dark you just runned from - into pretty shades of light.

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Just like last time, we'll make two sessions of about 40 min. with a tea break in between. Lay down, sit, stand, meditate, move, sleep, write, draw… do as you feel, as long as silent.
I’d like to share with you this moment and encourage you to make it yours.

Entrance is free, donations are welcome.
Also welcome to bring your pillow, yoga mat, blanket, notebook for writing or drawing, a book for reading or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Please RSVP to the event, in order to make the space as comfortable as possible,


I’m a pianist, physical performer and maker. After studying classical piano I started working with electro-acoustic sounds and also interdisciplinary performance. My music is inspired by involving soundscapes, meditativeness and improvisation.

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