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Object America


Object America

Observational Practices and the Everyday
Pascal Glissmann

10:00 - 14:00 @ GlogauAIR
with lunch break

Facebook event

The Observational Practices Lab’s mission is to create dialogue about observational practices across disciplinary boundaries. We are focused on the questions of how observational practices work, what different disciplines might learn from another’s approaches to observation and which methods are best suited to initiate a new view of our everyday reality. Can observation itself create new communities? The lab is co-directed by Pascal Glissmann and Selena Kimball; situated at Parsons School of Design in New

The multi-phase project and investigation, OBJECT AMERICA, explores the idea of “America” through everyday objects as a response to an administration trying to “Make America Great Again”. The aim is to use comparative research and observational methods—which may range from the scientific to the absurd—to expose unseen histories and speculate about the future of the country as a concept.

This is the lab’s first workshop situated outside of the US. As an experimental Berlin-based satellite, it serves a platform to discuss and share observational practices in order to find out hidden narratives about “America” — but also to shift perception within one's own creative process. After an introduction to the project, participants will explore, apply and create observational methods within the thematic clusters of Senses, Specialized Instruments and Speculation.

Participants are expected to bring:

- One object from the everyday that they believe represents the concept “America” — or one aspect of it;
- One instrument to explore objects. This can range from simple physical tools like a measuring tape or a magnifying glass to complex digital applications;
-A mobile phone or laptop to access online digital archives (not required);
-Interest in actively participating and shaping the day.

Pascal Glissmann is a designer, media-artist, educator and founder of the studio subcologne. He is currently Assistant Professor of Communication Design at Parsons, New York. He has been Visiting Assistant Professor at the Lebanese-American University, Beirut, Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong, and researcher/lecturer at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Pascal holds an MFA in Media Arts/Media Design from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

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