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Wandering - a Laboratory of Subjectivity

Marcia Vaitman, 10 Delírios em 10 Sutra, Video HD, 10 minutes,India, 2017


Wandering - a Laboratory of Subjectivity

Marcia Vaitsman & Arthur Laidlaw

18:30 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

The wanderers distance themselves from the familiarity of the oedipal territory (Guattari & Deleuze) that first colonized their psyche. By inhabiting new geographies, the body in transit mingles with the other and becomes itself the other: the foreigner, the strange, the unusual, and the curiosity.

Through this metamorphic experience, the migratory being is led to confront and consciously deconstruct its own practices and identity – the once relatively stable and settled identity and practices that used to overlap and work in perfect synchrony with the cultural identity and practices of their geographical place of origin. This process of new awareness of the self, works as an estrangement effect that sets the wanderer into a simultaneous and symbiotic whirl of endless multiple possibilities but also of inner drift and disorientation.
However this is as much a gain as it is a loss, for in need of deconstructing such fundamental structures of the self, the wonderer is led to the quest for a more creative, conscious, responsible and honest way of perceiving where one is and what one is. An exercise of re-educating one’s mind, in search of a renewed and subjectively more meaningful ways of seeing and connecting with life.

Marcia Vaitsman - The last 3 years Marcia has been writing and researching images of displacement, which resulted in a PhD thesis and several studio projects. Her interest lies in vast empty spaces, slow paces and reduced color pallets. Thematically her practice is rooted in displacement, migration, miscegenation and how the body-mind copes with disorientation. The interest in science, researching digital media and the observation of mass and social media are a part of the search for a “map” or method, as she tries to understand how people form their collectives and identities. These concepts and processes converge into single channel videos, installations and photographs.

Arthur Laidlaw - Arthur Laidlaw’s work emphasizes the hubris of ‘Western’ viewers looking onto canonized landscapes. The experience of drawing and photographing ancient architecture in the Middle East, months before the Arab Spring, has profoundly shaped the way he sees the world. Each of Laidlaw’s projects is preoccupied with viewer expectations; his complex renderings of a landscape through dozens of different material layers present a destabilizing image that asks us to question our assumptions of a place. These layers reflect the our own efforts to try and understand a new culture when travelling – followed by our attempts to try and recall the original experience, even as the memories of that place begin to fade and distort.

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