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Touchdesigner and Projection Mapping Techniques


Touchdesigner and Projection Mapping Techniques

Petko Tanchev + Kalma Lab

@ GlogauAIR

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Introduction to TouchDesigner - a visual programming software for interactive design, live music visuals, media systems and prototypes. Practical skill on projection mapping and individually created projects with the program.

First part of the workshop will be focused on the interface and the structure, work with operators, parameters and Python scripting. The workshop will also cover some of the concepts for developing artistic projects – operator families, converted data, time dependency, work with video source, 2D and 3D interactive art.

The second part will be devoted to how to use TouchDesigner in order to create specific architectural projection mapping. The instructor will discuss some of the workflows that he has been developing in his own projects. At the end of the day the participants will create their own mapping content for projection on provided 3D surface.

• 11:00–11:30 - Introduction to TouchDesigner
• 11:30-13:00 - Interface and structure: work with operators, export parameters, write expressions and scripts in Python.
• 13:00-14:00 – Lunch break
• 14:00-15:30 - Artistic concepts: more about operator families, how to convert data between different operator types, use time dependency, create custom motion data, work with video files, generate 2D images, model 3D geometry, add visual effects and post-processing, compositing, build complex networks
• 15:30-17:00 - Projection mapping techniques: demonstration of specific techniques and workflows, walk-through a projection mapping example, overview how to prepare our network
• 17:00-19:00 - Create art with TouchDesigner: practical work for a projection mapping installation on 3D object, the instructor will help to the participants to create and use their own content


CAPACITY: 15 people

COST: 70 Euro

All participants should bring a personal laptop, PC or Mac with the latest version of TouchDesigner 088 or 099 installed. In case you don't have it please download it from:

Petko Tanchev is a visual artist and scenographer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2008, he graduated from National Academy of Art, Sofia with a bachelor’s in Scenography and continued with a master’s in Original Visual Performance Design. He has worked as a stage designer, with a keen focus on incorporating video installations in live theatrical performances. He also did numerous art projects that have been featured in festivals and museums both nationals and internationally.

In 2013, Petko co-founded Melformator, a creative collective specializing in event management, interactive design, and audiovisual performances. In 2016, he became the curator of Creative Media Lab, the digital arts department for The Night of Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv. Petko nurtures the talents of rising artists as a lecturer of Tools for Visual Programming for the MA Digital Arts programme at the National Academy of Art, Sofia.

Petko’s current work focuses on the creation of real-time media content for projection mapping and interactive installations by combining hardware devices and visual programming software. He often develops site-specific projects, drawing inspiration from and revealing a location’s context. He creates virtual worlds, which challenge our accepted perceptions of a physical reality we think we know. With an experimental approach, Petko welcomes exploring new tools and the ever-changing technologies in order to develop cutting-edge creations.

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