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Somewhere other than here

Current Resident Artist Exhibition

Somewhere other than here

Hyoyoun Lee

09.03.2017 - 05.05.2017
@ Gat Rooms
Mauerstrasse 81/82 10117 Berlin

Hyoyoun Lee is born in 1973, Seoul, South Korea. She studied Fine Arts at Hongik University in Seoul and Printmaking at Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. Hyoyoun Lee currently lives and works in Seoul. Her works are collected by National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, and Seoul City Museum.

Her works are stories about the times that she has passed along through her experiences and memories. Her works often depict people and modern cities and, possibly, around nature. In other times, the stories and visions come from the space in between objects and people, people and “scapes”. Hyoyoun will be exhibiting at Gat Point Charlie hotel from the 9th March until the 5th May.

In collaboration with Gat Rooms
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