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Parametric Design with Cardboard in VVVV


Parametric Design with Cardboard in VVVV

Kalma Lab
Arístides García

03.08.2017 - 05.08.2017
@ GlogauAIR

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This workshop is focused on the development of parametric-generative design tools inspired by architecture and product design techniques and how to fabricate three dimensional modular pieces.
It is suitable for anyone interested in geometric patterns, packaging, architecture, product design, scenography, 3D mapping.

Software we use:
VVVV - Hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.
ParaLib Pack - Library for algorithmic modelling and mesh unroll in VL and VVVV.

When: 3th - 5th August from 17:00 to 21:00
Where: GlogaguAIR (Glogauer Str. 16. 10999 Berlin – Germany)
Price: 195 € (regular price) / 170 € ( if registered in the Vjing and Mapping Techniques Workshop)
Number of participants: 4 - 12
Public performance date: August 11th at 20:00 (together with the Vjing and Mapping Techniques Workshop)
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VVVV is Windows only, Mac possible with Bootcamp.
Some VVVV skills are welcome, but it would be possible to get results without any programming knowledge.
Vector graphics software capable to load svg files. (Preferable Adobe Illustrator)

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Day 1 and 2
-- Introduction to “Parametric design with cardboard, concepts & inspiration”
-- Parametric Library overview.
Presenting the datatypes: polyline, polygon, surface, box.
-- Object modelling using diverse techniques:
+ Creating object arrays,
+ Surface modelling based on B-Splines,
+ 2D Patterns,
+ Surface Panelization,
+ Polygon Extrusion,
+ Surface & Polygon Triangulation...

-- OBJ export, to be used on other software.
-- 3D objects unfold.
-- SVG blueprints export, cutting sheets preparation.
-- Cardboard models cutting and mounting.

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