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25.08.2017 - 02.09.2017
@ GlogauAIR

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The Kino Loop Kabaret is an annual film festival that is unlike the regular ones – films are not just shown, but created on the spot. In the course of 8 days, film creators of various artistic backgrounds and expertise come together to plan, shoot, cut and present their films.

The Kabaret is separated into Rounds of two to three days, with a Production Meet at the beginning and a Screening at the conclusion of a Round.

In the Production Meet, filmmakers introduce their ideas and find their crew. In the screening, tired but elated, makers present their work to an audience of both participants of the Kabaret and friends.

You can film virtually anywhere – all over the city of Berlin, in its tranquil greens or busy streets, indoor, outdoor, just keep the equipment provided by Kino Loop safe and dry. Your imagination and capabilities are your only limits.

Our KinoLab, the creative heart of the Kabaret, is open to access 24/7 and it’s where the magic happens. It’s the place where you will see people viciously editing, animating, writing, discussing and rejoicing over a film well done, all the while a few zombies, a policewoman and a man with a parrot head are drinking coffee and discussing the scenes they are about to shoot in the corner next to you. It’s like being on ten sets at once – never still, perpetually in motion.

Everybody, from beginner to full professional, is welcome to join our Kabaret!
There will be three rounds of film-making: 1x48h and 2x72h

Finish your film in 48 or 72 hours. What happens in between is entirely up to you.
There are no restrictions or guidelines in terms of genre, content, style or team building.

We got your interest tingling? Join our Kino Loop Kabaret 2017!

August 25th to September 2nd, Berlin, Germany
1st Round: 48h // 26-27.08 = 20€
2nd Round: 72h // 28-30.08 = 25€
3rd Round: 72h // 31.08-02.09 = 25€

Max. 70 people, so Register now!

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