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Drawing sessions


Body and Habitat

Facebook event

Glogauakt is also in Summer mode! As a continuation of our weekly drawing gatherings, Body and Habitat is a four-module open-air figure drawing session, happening in GlogauAIR's garden all June long!

In Body and Habitat we will explore the human body when surrounded by different settings, so to challenge our usual way of seeing and spark creativity.

June's drawing sessions will be divided in two segments:

Everyday objects and Nature - 1st and 3rd sessions

You are invited to contribute to the final design of our figure drawing field by bringing different objects. Together we are going to create a thematic scenography-like setting for the human body. Our goal will be to explore the relation of shapes, composition and body in context, in search of harmony in eclecticism. The topics are Everyday objects and Nature.

Movement and Light - 2nd and 4th sessions

We will be exploring volume, gesture and proportion in fast changing poses, tracking movement with fast sketches. We will also investigate change of shapes with the change of light, stressing on detail, with longer poses to work from.

The workshop is moderated and suitable for both beginners and advanced artists.

We kindly ask you to bring your own drawing materials.
Drawing boards, ice tea and biscuits will be provided for you.

There is no tutoring, but in case you need some, we are glad to provide directions, help and to give some feedback. Each session will always end with a group discussion and analysis.

We would ask you to confirm your participation at least one day before each session to .
At least 8 participants are required to run the sessions.

Each session: 9 / 7 euro (student discount)
4 sessions: 30 / 25 euro

Sketch The Moment - A performance for live drawings
Sketch The Moment - A performance for live drawings

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