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Sensitive Geometry

Zaida Guerrero Casado, Untitled Plastic foil, vegetable protection net and caramel, 2012

Artist Talk

Sensitive Geometry

Zaida Guerrero Casado & Marie-Jeanne Hoffner

17:00 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

In frame of the Open Studios September 2017
A space is in its very essence a mathematical, geometrical, concrete entity, where all physical bodies can potentially co-exist. However, every space is always more than a set of tangible variables. Frequently one can intuit it when stepping inside a space and one feels that it exhales its own presence.

Indeed space is seldom a random agglomeration of formal elements. Its order is frequently determined by innumerable and varied underlying vectors, which spring from metaspaces, such as the social-political context and the intimate and personal realm of human mind and emotions.

Thus, space is more complex than what first meets the eye. It is indeed an entity with its own identity, composed by an interweaving of inner spaces, of silent tensions and emotions, of unspoken negotiations, of unseen compromises and conventions, a projection of memories and states of mind.

Space and human lend continuously characteristics to each other. We change it but it can also affect us, we inhabit a place but it can also inhabit us. Experiencing a place is in this way always a symbiotic individual experience. No one ever experiences or reads the same place in the same way, for no place affects everybody in the same way.

The geometry of space is only truly activated by the way that it is inhabited, by how humans participate in it. It is only in this way that it truly gains a meaning. A place is then a multidimensional sphere – simultaneously tangible and intangible, physical and physicological, universal and individual, external and internal, rational and unconscious, an entity and a reflection.

Forms are after all only half concrete: geometry is sensitized matter.

Invited Artists:
Marie-Jeanne Hoffner - Her work reflects upon the place one’s lives in or/and the place where the work itself is shown, questioning how they are inhabiting us. They reflect a perception of space as map, a living space and place for the body, with a translation of space which is both physical and metaphysical. Responding to places, Marie-Jeanne tries to build works that could relate to a sensitive architecture, involving the notions of displacement, memory and place, deconstruction and reconstruction, so that the audience can practice and experiment those spaces in various ways. Marie-Jeanne is based in France and currently residing at GlogauAIR, thanks to la mire’s program A Roof Above your Head.

Zaida Guerrero Casado – Zaida’s installations are site specific works, which directly and physically challenge the public. Zaida looks at space not as just as a container but as a body in itself with its own identity. This means that this body has a form or even a use as well as a very own physical, emotional, social, signifying and relational dimension too. Barriers and consequently communication, contact and introspection have been some of her main topics of research. Zaida is currently based in Leipzig, Germany.

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