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Nevertheless they move

artist talk

Nevertheless they move

Sculpture and the fourth dimension
Kap Hoorn with Alejandra Rudoff & Dr. Nikolaus Nowak

19:00 - 20:00 @ @GlogauAIR
The Tertulias are held in Spanish

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It has already been proven that in sculpture and modeling the coexistence of different temporal dimensions is possible. But how does the infinite works?
The artist and the journalist present us with a brief interdisciplinary analysis that takes us into the thoughts an reflections that allow us to approach, unveil or decode a formal language that is present in literature.

Alejandra Rudoff

Studied sculpture at the University of Chile and graduated in 1985. In 1993 she acquired a post-graduate diploma of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Special exhibitions of her three-dimensional works were staged at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile and in the Tai Miao Temple in the Forbidden City of Beijing in 2003. The artist has developed large-format projects meant to be shown in public places. Peace, Friendship and Time's Space (2001) in Changchun was erected in its local sculpture park. Forward (1997) was unveiled in Potsdam in 2002 and in 2010 the DAAD commissioned her to sculpt Forward II which is now displayed in front of its headquarters at Bonn. She has been living as a freelance artist in Berlin since 2009.

Nikolaus Nowak

Studied german literature, philosophy and political science at the University of Bonn (Germany). Has worked as political editor, correspondent and chief editor as a journalist with contributions on political and cultural issues. Published amongst others in "Die Welt", "Die Presse" and the political magazine "Cicero”.

About Kap Hoorn's Tertulias

The Tertulias, happen once a month and introduces a specific curator, artist, writer or member of an art institution that brings a specific topic into discussion. A topic widely presented and then opened to all attendants for a rich conversation. We search by no means to have a single way of approaching the arts, in contrary, we believe we are in constant search and we will never achieve a definition or common goal: discussion is the objective.

The “Tertulias” organised by the Latinamerican platform of contemporary artists, Kap Hoorn, was founded last year, with a specific focus: the constitution of a Latin-American scene of professional artists based in Berlin.
Our Tertulias are opened for others to attend. We search for an open debate of ideas regarding the role of art in contemporary times, having always in mind our origen, Latin-American, and our location of displacement, Berlin.

Kap Hoorn (Cape Horn) is a platform formed by visual artists and curators of a Latin American origin living in Berlin. We seek to develop artistic work and research around our creative pursuits, nexuses and diversities, product of our origin and exodus. In this way we can create individual or group exhibitions, symposia, editions and talks. Projects with specific deadlines with the aim of projecting our work and increasing visibility both in Berlin and elsewhere, presenting ourselves as a coherent group of artists and actors in the art world. We are also a platform for seeking financing, development and implementation of projects, linking according to each need the different actors of a creative process.

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