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When Science meets Art

Remember This (Version 2012)
Mark von Rosenstiel

Artist Talk

When Science meets Art

Elizabeth Laplace & Mark Von Rosenstiel

17:00 @ GlogauAIR

In frame of the Open Studios June 2016

Science and art. Truth, logics, order, objectivity. Emotion, creativity, chaos, subjectivity. Two different worlds in strict opposition to each other. Any intersection between them seems at first sight to be impossible.

As C.P. Snow once wrote, they are two cultures separated by 'mutual incomprehension'. Such is the common view on the matter, mainly inherited from the 19th century.
However philosophers, artists and scientists have been showing since long ago this conception to be misleading. In fact, this widespread idea is only based on caricatural views and not on a deep, well-informed knowledge of both fields.

To dive deeper into this topic, the present GlogauAIR’s Artists' Talk will feature our resident artists Elizabeth Laplace and Mark von Rosenstiel. Both currently resident artists at GlogauAIR, with a background in science and both incorporating science into their current artistic practice, they will be discussing the fruitful dialogue between both subjects.

Elizabeth Laplace - Born in 1990 in the US Virgin Islands, holds a BA in Studio Art and Biology and an MFA in Ceramics. Elizabeth’s work explores spaces and experiments with objects; using the senses to reach an understanding of their function and relationship to myself and others. Through a variety of materials and technology she creates sculptures or installations that attempt to question how we perceive, understand, and engage with our surroundings.

Mark Von Rosenstiel – Born in 1982, Mark has studied Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems, Sculpture, and also holds a BA in Mathematics. Mark is a multi-disciplinary artist using mathematical algorithms that interact with and explore human relationships and emotions. Through feedback loops and technology he strives to reveal the middle ground people occupy - the undeniably human place where truth is agonizingly close, but never touched. Mark’s site specific installations create internalized representations of the human experience that explore the boundary between observation and participation.

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