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The choice of chance

Exhibition & Artist Talk

The choice of chance

Asaf Oren // Ayumi Miyano

18:00 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

GlogauAIR is happy to announce the Exhibition and Artist Talk The Choice of Chance, focused on photography and how much does contingency play a role in it.

The choice of chance

Taking photographs has become an immediate, ordinary and spontaneous practice, almost a naïve act. Also, image edition programs, like Photoshop, allows rationally manipulating, correcting and controlling how a photograph looks like, after being taken.

Still, many photographers prefer to maintain those so-called errors and in some cases they even stage a supposedly error. From their point of view, accidental, unexpected factors hold in themselves the potential of adding a more interesting, mysterious dimension to the photograph and can even become more important than the subject that was meant to be the focus of the picture.

This leads one to wonder about how important and potentially revealing a choice of the chance, instead of the choice of the photographer, can be. Hence, this artist talk aims at exploring the way how the contemporary artistic photography deals and incorporates this ingenuity and error factor on their work, as well as wondering about the very essence of photography.

Asaf Oren – Born in Israel, currently living and working in Berlin. Has a bachelor degree in photography from Wizo Academy of Design (Haifa, Israel), and is a master student at the Berlin University for the Arts (UDK). Asaf has participated in multiple group exhibitions such as D-Generation in GlogauAir (Berlin, 2015), Rundgang 2013, in UDK ( Berlin, 2013), and Curator&co in the Museum of Modern Art (Israel, 2011). He also exhibited his work in solo exhibitions: Tearing, Morel Derfler Gallery, Wizo Academy (Israel, 2014) and Palms, Artist's House Gallery (2010, Israel).

Ayumi Miyano – Born in Japan, has a bachelor degree in sociology (Tokyo) and studied photography with the japanese photographer . Currently a resident artist in GlogauAir, Ayumi has participated in some group exhibitions such as Not because of Neuköln, Agora Collective (Berlin, 2015) and Re-view 2011, LE DECO (Tokyo, 2013). She also exhibited her work in solo exhibitions: One Question: “Can photography be a dairy?”, GlogauAir (Berlin, 2015), Nostalgic Noise, Gat Point Charlie (Berlin, 2015) and FROZEN COLOR, place M. (Tokyo, 2015).

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