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International Kino Kabaret

03.09.2016 - 11.09.2016
@ GlogauAIR

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Kino Loop is part of the International Kino Movement. It's a global network of filmmakers that meet for regular festivals, so called Kabarets, to produce short films in very limited time. It's all about exchange and sharing, no competition and no awards.

Everybody, from beginner to full professional, is welcome to join our first Kabaret this September. There will be three rounds of filmmaking: 1x48h and 2x72h. Each round starts with informal production meeting to introduce people and project ideas and ends with a screening of the finished films. What happens in between is entirely up to you. There are no restrictions or guidelines in terms of genre, content, style or team building. Everything is possible and everything will be screened without reviewing or censorship.

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02.09. // Welcome day // 20:00

03.09. // 1st Production Meeting // 10:00am
04.09. // 1st Screening at Villa Neuk├Âln // 20:00

05.09. // 2nd Production Meeting // 10:00am
07.09. // 2nd Screening at Kino Moviemiento // 20:00

08.09. // 3rd Production Meeting // 10:00am
10.09. // 3rd Screening at Loophole + Big ending Party // 20:00

11.09. // Comedown day

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