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Humor is a Serious Matter

Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton
The Cult of Love Pt IV: Desire
Video (Still), 2016

Artist Talk

Humor is a Serious Matter

Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton
& Annelies Kamen

16:30 @ GlogauAIR

In frame of the Open Studios December 2016
Humor has since long time been used by art, for in it art has found a natural grammar for questioning, challenging and subverting. From the comedies of ancient Greece, the European medieval satires, to the blunt Dada movement in the visual arts, humor has been an instrument used to put major issues into perspective.

By minimizing their importance, reducing them to their absurdist core, humor serves as a deconstruction mechanism, as it creates a parallel world of multiple creative possibilities where everything is placed at the same level of (non-) importance. This by itself already creates a disruption in the highly hierarchical real world, challenging its established order.
Thus, however attractive, amusing and engaging, humorous art does not cease to be a less serious, valid path in pursuit of meanings, alternatives and ideals.

Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton - Since creatively partnering in 2012, Sam Hatfield and Fiona Skelton have collaboratively practiced across diverse artistic languages including video, performance, installation, spoken word, illustration and music. The overarching premise of their joint practice is to use the unexpected and the absurd to provocatively deconstruct psychological and social constructs. Sam and Fiona are currently residing at GlogauAIR.

Annelies Kamen - Annelies Kamen is an anagram for Alien Snake Men, Insane Elk Mane and Name A Sleek Inn, as well as an artist living and working in Berlin. Her work engages with the prospects and limitations of humor, specifically in joke-making, as an artistic methodology. By applying linguistic structures to the process of making objects, she is interested in creating the possibility of non-verbal word play. She explores the often-maligned structure of the one-liner and its ability to provoke reverberating meaning and association through the considered juxtaposition of two realities - in an attempt to create objects that function as crafted gags, leading you down the garden path. Annelies was residing at GlogauAIR in 2014.

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