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Concrete Skin

Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine.
Lembrança da pacificação do morro de São Carlos.
Cardboard model and Video, 3:00, 2012

Artist Talk

Concrete Skin

Inhabiting post-modernist cities
Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine
& Soazic Guezennec

18:00 @ GlogauAIR

When one thinks of contemporary cities, a dense landscape of concrete verticalness easily comes to mind. This human-made skin over the land is already far from the primeval function of providing shelter that lies in the beginning of the architectural activity.

As cities grew bigger and more complex, they became materialized reflections of ideologies and physical testimonies of organic interactions, which ended up shaping them.

Urban design and architecture is thus a silent, implicit speech that can be read, as well as trigger reactions – both consciously or unconsciously – and originate other speeches that will contribute to influencing the urban landscape. Extremely intricate and multifaceted, the present cities are an active place, a living tissue which is constantly challenging and being challenged, adjusting and being readjusted, in an endless negotiation among several parties.

To talk about these on-going negotiations within the city space and all the codes embedded in its design, this artists’ talk invites the artists Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine and Soazic Guezennec to present their artistic projects which pay particular attention to several interactions happening within today’s cities.

Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine - Maud’s work is based primarily on social issues. Through a cultural re-appropriation process, she seizes codes, formal and / or material quotes and displaces them. She re-examines events, behaviors, situations, seeking to exalt the essence of societies around the world, through the relationship to its urban frame. By using the city planning vector as part of her artistic process, she questions its social impact, or the viability of modernist utopias. She is particularly interested in collective housing buildings from the end of the Second World War until the 1980’s used to house the working classes. Maud is currently a resident artist at GlogauAIR, thanks to La Mire’s program A roof above your head.

Soazic Guezennec - Soazic Guezennec is a French artist, living between Mumbai and Paris. Her works mixes painting, video and installation to question the relationship between Man and Nature. She explores the planet and takes inspiration from her environment to create immersive pieces which combine a poetic vision with a sense of threat that draw the viewer in on both an emotive and intellectual level.

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