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The Epicenter of Everything

Artist Talk

The Epicenter of Everything

in collaboration with Galleri Syster

18:00 @ GlogauAIR

The periphery is a geographical location but also a state of mind. In geometry the periphery represents the circumference of the circle, a place that is considered to be surrounding some sort of center. Today's society puts its major focus consistently on the center. There is a sort of consensus around the idea of the center being the well of knowledge and thereby intelligentsia. The epicenter of creation, the condition for development. Perhaps the truth is the exact opposite?

If periphery and center are not defined in terms of geometry or geography, but in a mental and theoretical state, we arrive at a totally different conclusion. Periphery as a motor with a broad base of experience. A guarantor of democracy that includes all and extend everywhere. In this talk art is proposed as a tool to put focus on the periphery as a condition for the center, for the circle has no center if it is not surrounded by that which is all around it.

Gallery Syster is an artist run gallery; a space for contemporary art and a room for talks and discussion. It operates in the small town of Luleå in the north of Sweden since 2006 and relate daily to the periphery in different ways. During 2016 it is working under the title The Epicenter of Everything, where the concept of center and periphery is explored from a social, geographical and psychological perspective. The Epicenter of Everything includes different projects such as an international residency program and a major exhibition. This artist talk in collaboration with GlogauAIR is also a part of the project.

Junichiro Ishii. Based on a site-specific point of view, Ishii is extremely interested in observing the bare cultural aspects. To precisely pursue his pure impression of the site, he does not have a predetermined method, but adds a symbolic form to the cultural peculiarities he experiences and represents them as a site-specific art piece. It is similar to an unusual interpretation of a usual sensation, somewhat like a cultural sketch. Currently, Ishii is a resident artist at GlogauAIR.

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