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Art is Action

19000 + x.  Julia Schmid, Lampedusa, 2014.
Ink on paper, 150 x 110 cm (Detail)

Artist Talk

Art is Action

Can art be a means of social change?
Katarzyna Wojtczak - Julia Schmid

16:00 @ GlogauAIR

Can art be a means of social change? is the second edition of Art is Action, a dialogue series that intends to awaken and empower the modifying potential role of art in a post-modern society.

People have been progressively feeling tired of living by the current political, social and economical system that seems to be failing to satisfy their needs, that seems to be leading them towards a path of numbness and dehumanization. Some of them only feel discouraged, others look for answers.

Art often focus on what is happening in the world at the moment, protests against it as well as tries to explore new trails through creativity. However sometimes art fails to connect with the people, thus becoming abstract, voiceless, and ultimately pointless.

Our question is: can art have and lead a more practical, active role within a social context?

With this artist talk we intend to explore if and how art can contribute to a social change that can actually affect directly regular people’s daily lives.

Katarzyna Wojtczak - Born in 1989 in Poland. Her works focuses on portraying people, mainly those who, due to various reasons, by choice or lack thereof, have found themselves on the outside of society. She is currently a resident artist in GlogauAIR.

Julia Schmid - Born in 1980 in Germany, currently based in Berlin. Her art develops from books and time in a time that the actual book is in danger of extinction and time is considered to be a very rare good in a fast world supported by a constant, omnipresent flood of imagistic communication. Her aim is to understand how this affects our thinking and communication, as well as how much we really know and how much we pretend to know.

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