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Chema Alvargonzalez


40 years of the Cànem Gallery

02.04.2015 - 23.05.2015
@ Fundació Caixa Castelló, Spain

Selected works of Chema Alvargonzález, founder of the GlogauAIR residency program, will be at the exhibition Present Continuous: 40 years of the Cànem Gallery in Fundació Caixa Castelló, Castelló, Spain, on occasion of its anniversary

The opening of the Canem Gallery in 1974 coincides with a period of struggle for freedom and political and cultural ferment in our country. It represented a point of courage, perhaps the only, when bringing contemporary art to the public. But commitment to the art of his time and its people in the city of Castellón.

The exhibition at the Sala San Miguel, Present Continu, celebrates the career of forty years of outstanding work of revitalizing the cultural and artistic scene that Cànem Gallery has meant to the province of Castellón. Throughout this time he has presented and given opportunity in its space to artists of all generations and trends, from lesser-known young artists to those who have given visibility, and others who accompanied from its beginnings to become benchmarks of their times.

After four decades of rigorous work, Present Continu evidences that the work on the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art continues in Gallery Cànem as valid as the first day, while stresses the importance of their contribution in the field of art and culture.

Sala San Miguel - Fundació Caixa Castelló
Carrer Enmig, 17. 12001, Castelló de la Plana

Opening times: Mo-Sa from 17:30 till 20:30 until May 23th, 2015.


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