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Don't Cry. Work.

Image Credits: Veronica Brovall
Winners, 2014, Bronze Sculpture

Artist Talk

Don't Cry. Work.

Sara Edström, Klaudia Stoll & Veronica Brovall

17:00 @ GlogauAIR

Much has been said and written about femininity and feminism almost to the verge of exhaustion and it is even regarded as an old-fashion subject. But does it mean that gender inequalities came finally to an end in a supposedly more democratic, equal and tolerant world?

The three invited artists, engaged feminists, can easily prove that this is still a topic that deserves our attention, for gender equality is far from being established, both in the art world and in society in general.

This artists' talk, Don't cry. Work, was named after a Andy Warhol quote which encourages one to take an action to overcome problems that may exist, instead of perpetuate its presence by only lamenting the situation. This statement also reflects the strong feminist-oriented work of the speakers, who also hope this talk itself to be part of a gesture of change.

Sara Edström, artist and co-founder of the feminist-oriented art gallery, Galleri Syster and the artists Klaudia Stoll and Veronica Brovall, whose works defy and test gender norms, gender roles and related prejudices. Klaudia Stoll was part of the exhibition “Gender Hart”, in 2014, and Veronica Brovall in “Choices of Gallerie Syster”, in 2011, both curated by Gallei Syster’s Members.

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