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Mysterious animal(s) coming to Berlin


Mysterious animal(s) coming to Berlin

Odele Zhang

18:00 - 22:00 @ GlogauAIR

Facebook event

Odele is an international artist drawn to place animals where they shouldn’t roam free; and is always curious in having the audience interpret. Often, interpretations of the image reflect their own psyche and isms.

After the Penguins diving off cliffs in Boston, cow hide caressing Fat Horse in Cleveland, then Wild Boar stomping down a city street alley or was it a bookshelf @RockBund Shanghai show and the Blue Surgeonfish chilling in a Church or was it an arcade @hollywood road Hong Kong show, which animals are going to appear with Odele in BERLIN?!

Come Wednesday July 30th at 6pm (goes on to 10pm) @GlogauAiR to uncover the Mystery and make your mark with your worldly "CONCEPTUAL" Interpretations, or F*K conceptual SHT, and say what you REALLY FEEL.

Don’t miss out on the fun: (Details and RSVP at:

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