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DIY Sound Workshops


DIY Sound Workshops

31.05.2014 - 01.06.2014
@ GlogauAIR

In these workshops participants will build their own tools to produce their own sounds.
They will be opened to everybody who wants to iniciate themself in the DIY sound world. No previous knowledge is required.

- 31st MAY. Build your own contact microphones: Initiation workshop to make music with common objects.
With the contact mic. workshop, participants will build a great tool to capture vibrations that produce sounds in many types of materials.
All materials will be provided.

- 1st JUNE. Introduction to Circuit Bending techniques: Manipulation of a toy or device that produces sound by default.
With circuit bending techniques people can manipulate devices and create their own musical instruments to perform or record sounds.
Participants must bring an operational battery device to modify such as toys, small keyboards, radios...
The necessary materials to modify them will be provided.

Registration at: // Email subject: Workshop GlogauAIR 31-01

Price: 25€ each workshop. Both for 40€.

Instructor: Martí Guillem was born in 1983 in Valencia, Spain. He studied art and multimedia. He has been involved for almost ten years in constructing his own devices and sound objects. He also performs as sound and video artist, playing unusual concerts, mixing toys with found objects and electronic music and devices.

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