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Idolon Studio

13.07.2013 - 21.07.2013
@ GlogauAIR

HOU Yi-Ting // LIN Shu Kai // Adiong LU // NIU Chun-Chiang // Ablica WANG // YEH Wei-Li + TSAI Chi Min

Curated by Nobuo TAKAMORI

In 2011, I curated a large-scale group exhibition, which presented 19 young Taiwanese artists/art groups in an early 17th century monastery (Ex Teresa Arte Actual) in Mexico City. The show, Post-Actitud (Post-Attitude in English), created a platform of interdisciplinary discussion. Artists were forced to use unfamiliar materials in responding the context of spaces, materials, historical structures, and even Mexican literatures.

However, in Berlin’s project, I will settle it into another dimension. The goal is to expose the relationship between single/internal consciousness of artists and the plural/flowing consciousness of world. This exhibition wants to recover what kinds of arts we have already been reached, during our consciousness and perceptions involve into daily cultural landscape. And what will be reaching, when we try to escape it.

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