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Laboratory Limitations


Laboratory Limitations

Month of Performance Art 2013

21.05.2012 - 27.05.2012
@ GlogauAIR

The Month of Performance Art (MPA-B) is a month-long platform dedicated to highlighting, promoting and interconnecting the wealth and diversity of independent, contemporary and experimental Performance Art practices thriving in BERLIN.

Running for its second year in May 2012, MPA-B brings together artists, curators, producers, venues, networks and organizations, which operate beyond and across the boundaries of institutionalized performing arts structures.

GlogauAIR is participating in this great initiative with a Performance Art Laboratory based on LIMITATIONS OUTLINE: GlogauAIR proposal for this week-long Art Laboratory is to work with physical and conceptual limitations. By progressively limiting the tools and elements that Performance Art uses, the participants will have to develop and adapt new strenghts and strategies in the final presentation of their work. By using and working at the beginning of the workshop with objects, words, in groups, in a large space and with different body parts, the final performance will be stripped down of all these tools and taken back to an object-less, word-less, space-less and solo presentation.


Object America - Observational Practices and the Everyday
Vjing & 3D mapping techniques
Vjing and 3D Mapping Techniques
Vjing and 3D Mapping Techniques
Yoga in GlogauAIR
Listening Bodies - project by Michael Reiley McDermott and his collaborator Monica Gentile

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