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Resident Artist Exhibition


Traces of process, document and memory

07.12.2011 - 09.12.2011
@ Grimmuseum
Fichte Strasse 2. 10967 Berlin

Our current artist in Residence Oswaldo Ruiz and former artist in residence couple Felix & Mumford are taking part in the exhibition Wunderblock: Traces of process, document and memory at Grimmuseum, organized in collaboration with the curatorial program NODE CENTER.

Wunderblock: Traces of process, document and memory is an exhibition exploring the palette of memory’s representation, through archiving, reconstruction and documentation.

Different questions are developed considering how memory can create common spaces for interpretation, how can it be activated through perception and how we define the process from perception to reception.

Participating curators: Indira Aguilera Kohl // Luis Albuquerque Pinho // Laura Devereux // Wafa Gabsi // Olga Sureda Guasch // Rachel Fox

Participating artists: Song-Ming Ang // Assaf Gruber // Felix & Mumford // Krystel Marois // Rita Medinas Faustino // Sophia Pompéry // Oswaldo Ruiz // Marinella // Senatore // Santiago Taccett

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