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Performance Workshop


Performance Workshop

Empara Roselló

@ GlogauAIR

The method created by Empara Rosselló centres on the use of the body in the creative process: investigation and discovery of the body's potential, exploration of its dimension and significance. An active study between movement and voice, and a developement of a process between an original idea, the conception towards its realization.

Empara Rosselló Barcelona, intermedia artist, dancer, actress, singer and choreographer. She studied Philology, and History at the University of Barcelona, actually Psychology at the Open University of Catalunya (UOC), Price FAD 2004. She has dedicated her life - both as teacher and performer-, to research into performance language. Her work embraces different disciplines, from classical and contemporary dance, to Tibetan Budism and Zen. She has developed her own method, the MER system, that uses the body like a laboratory to develop awareness, and she has created numerous performances in Europe, Africa and United Sates.

Object America - Observational Practices and the Everyday
Vjing & 3D mapping techniques
Vjing and 3D Mapping Techniques
Vjing and 3D Mapping Techniques
Yoga in GlogauAIR
Listening Bodies - project by Michael Reiley McDermott and his collaborator Monica Gentile

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