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GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Project Space Exhibition

24 - 25 March 2017
@ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

David Gonçalves // Tadasuke Jinno // Ewa Kubiak // Hyoyoun Lee // Roxanne Nesbitt // Maximilien Pyée // Alexandre Félix // Uzma Sultan // Laurent Trezegnies // Natalia Urnía // Ilyn Wong

The visitors will have the opportunity of enjoying the presence of the artists themselves, as well as having direct access to their latest and freshest creations, inspired by their personal and artistic experience of inhabiting the city.

The duo Maximilien Pyée and Alexandre Félix is currently exploring the potential of producing art collectively as a way to strengthen social bonds, while David Gonçalves reflects on what it means to be nomadic, by stripping out the excess and highlighting the beauty of the essential and of the practical. The artist Tadasuke Jinno has been leading an approach to visual art that challenges the viewer through the usage of mechanisms that create a discordance between reality and human’s sense of perception.

At the same time, Ewa Kubiak is working on testing the limits of communication of textual and visual messages, and the degree of misleading illusion that is created by means of intentionally created settings. The painter Uzma Sultan plunges into a social analysis of the cultures she is inserted in, at the same time that the also painter Hyoyoun Lee leads a deep but at the same time metaphysical quest for already faded and fragmented anonymous stories lost in time.

By using textiles as her main working material, Natalia Urnia imbues each thread contained in a fabric with meaningful connotations of memory, time and place of belonging – all that we hold close to us and that, in a way, dresses and shapes our core common human nature into a variety of specific identities. Also working with the intersection of intimate personal and collective narratives, Ilyn Wong sets off to explore the complexity of multiple stories and layers that exist within and around the main narratives, which, because the hidden personal stories are forgotten, tend to be often overly simplified.

Finally - although using two completely different approaches - the artists Laurent Trezegnies and Roxanne Nesbitt contribute to deconstruct our the sense of the “ordinary”, highlighting its peculiarities and hidden or forgotten potential. Laurent calls attention to the all-day-familiar type of places by creating installations using various industrial materials, thus investing that same space with a new meaning, or renovating that same place's sense of 'novelty'. Roxanne, on the other hand, by applying an intersection between music and architecture, is interested in the various soundscapes created by the pedestrian body in relation to different kinds of space.

Project Space Exhibition

Coven Berlin presents:

Kiona Hagen Niehaus // Angela Kaisers // Anaïs Senli // Blanca Gomila // María Amparo Gomar Vidal //
Ileana Pascalau // Lorena Juan And Boris Steinberg // Esther Nelke

Gender can create a sensory experience of tangible and virtual borders, as well as conscious and unconscious ones. These spatial and cultural frontiers are essential points of reference for our own identities. Our limited, and simultaneously real and ephemeral bodies can be stimulated in order to provoke an evolution on, and a transgression of, oppressive social codes.

In the frame of The Sprawls, our work will focus on queer strategies as political tools to rebel against gender constrictions and body policing. With an experimental and playful approach, we will explore and reclaim the concepts of gender, sex, and sexuality and establish new personal and social realities. We will also address the gendered borders of institutionalized knowledge in order to analyze the constructs that can manipulate our understanding of power.

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Friday, March 24th // 19:00 - 24:00

20:00 // Louise Trueheart // matter v matter - a foray // Performance

21:00 // Sura Hertzberg // Naked SURAnade // Naked Live Music Performance

22:00 // Vagittarius Rising // THE DECLARATION OF THE NATION OF VAG // Live Music Performance

23:00 // S&M // Moving // Live Music and Reactive Movement Performance

Saturday, March 25th // 16:00 - 24:00

16:00 // COVEN BERLIN // Collective Talk

17:00 // Madeleine White // See Somebody // 1-on-1 Performance

Harley Aussoleil // Pärchen // 1-on-1 Performance

19:00 // DREAMaTEAM // ALLE UNTER EINER DECKE – becoming activist // Intimate Collective Performance

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