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GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Videoart Festival

09 - 10 December 2016
@ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Clark Beaumont // Alexandre Félix // Carlos Franco // Britni Franklin //
Pratheek Irvathur // Jignesh Panchal // Maximilien Pyée // Ben Reilly //
Mireille Ripoll // Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton // Natalia Urnía // Jun Zhang

GlogauAIR is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin founded by the Spanish artist Chema Alvargonzález in 2006. It is a multidisciplinary platform of artistic exchange, cooperation and production that connects the local and the global art scene.
Here, artists from the most diverse contexts find a place to develop their projects in constant dialogue with the artistically dynamic city of Berlin, while integrated in a dynamic fruitful multicultural environment which potentiates knowledge, research and creativity.
In the Open Studios exhibition, happening every three months, the resident artists present projects they have been working on while residing in GlogauAIR. During this occasion, the public has the opportunity of exchanging ideas with the artists, visiting their working spaces as well as getting closer to their creation process and techniques.

Videoart Festival

Organized by Nati Grund, Ana Sanfrutos and Irene Cruz

Invited Artists
Joas Nebe // Irene Cruz & Juan Yuste // 451 Productions // Rubén González

- SELF(FISH) Opening Live Installation -
Sara Ferrer // Matthieu Ranc // Irene Cruz

Pop Up Kino
Curated by Nati Grund

Pop Up Kino is a international video art festival based in Berlin. The first edition was on May 2014. The aim of the project is to enhance the visibility of video art in the context of the artistic scene of Berlin and to give an opportunity to international artists to show their video creations. Our purpose is to show video art, to give it a space, to start a dialogue, to share, to promote... ultimately to let people know and get in touch with this medium. Since September 2014 we celebrate the festival simultaneously in different spaces in different countries, so far La Neomudejar & La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Espacio Dinamo & Kino Palais (Buenos Aires), The American University of Paris, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània (Valencia), Project Art Space & The Annex (NYC) have participated.

Curated by Ana Corpas & Ana Márquez

SELF(fish) is the symbiotic outcome of the three art pieces created by Sara Ferrer, Irene Cruz and Matthieu Ranc. This kind of oniric exploration invites us to do a reflection on the unconscious state of the society. During the sleep, humans go through an unconscious phase, which leads to a state of absolute vulnerability, when everything around us fades into the background. In this stage, we are not even able to react to external stimulus. In this ingenious installation, a symbiotic complementarity can be seen between the three disciplines. Sara Ferrer express this idea through the allusion to fishes, with the intention of returning to the origin of species, to that period when all animals were aquatic organisms. Irene Cruz wants to take us through video art to a non-palpable lyrical world tinted in a bluish, dim and transcendental light, aiming to reconnect us with nature and therefore our origins. Last but not least, Matthieu Ranc will guide us to a moment of trance with his live music performance by using synthetic sounds and creating loops, destroying with this all organic basis.

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Friday, December 9th // 19:00 - 24:00
20:00 // Self(fish)
Popup Kino // Opening Live Installation
Tania Elstermeyer and Emilio Casado // Performance
21:00 // The ‘O’ Zone
Clark Beaumont // Performance
21:30 // Sel(fish)
Popup Kino // Opening Live Installation

Saturday, December 10th // 16:00 - 22:00
16:30 // Humour is a serious matter // Artist Talk
Annelies Kamen, Sam Hatfield & Fiona Skelton
18:00 // The ‘O’ Zone
Clark Beaumont // Performance
18:30 - 22:00 // Pop Up Kino Open Call
Screening + Presentation

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