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GlogauAIR Resident Artists

More than a million
Project Space Exhibition

21 - 22 March 2014
@ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Antje Peters // Atom Samit // Cristina Huarte // Hanneke van der Werf // Jiminy //
Kuno Ebert // Yunyi Liu // Matthew Lloyd // Paula Anguita // Tal Regev

More than a million
Project Space Exhibition

Curated by off - Delphine Marinier and Peter Krilles based on a research in berlinerpool archive

Mario Asef // Marisa Benjamim // Natalia Irina Roman //
Stephan Halter // Stephanie Gerner // St. & St. // Tatjana Fell

The 6.000 artists and the 400 galleries make Berlin to the city with the highest density of galleries in Europe and one of the most attractive places to create art. Therefore, designers, agencies, lifestyle magazines, photographers and trendscouts– are drawn to this young city which burst with fresh vibes.

Berlin Senate,, wording as in the original

Presenting the city as an international hotspot of art, Berlin authorities, in admirable English prose, highlight a tendency that has shaped Europe over the past years: the transformation of arts into creative industries. In view of the quantification, standards, hierarchies and superlatives of artistic practice that this shift has brought about more than a million proposes to put in the center of focus the • wishes • knots • riots • density • overthrows
• ethics • global english • attraction • life • freshness • void • vibrations • difference • gaps • flurry • popcorn
• doggybag • sounds • ages • questions • brutalism • hate •secret • clumsiness • touch • taste • shakiness
• signs • burst • third-person-s • waves • naiveté • blurry • asides • holes • involved in the experience of art.

More than a million (based on a research in berlinerpool archive) is an investigation in the very concrete and sensorial aesthetic, ethical and technical frames of contemporary art. Seven artists – Mario Asef, Marisa Benjamim, Tatjana Fell, Stephanie Gerner, Stephan Halter, Natalia Irina Roman and St. & St. – show their works and open up interspaces in between the economical, social, gender-based statistics and norms of the contemporary art field creating an atmosphere of unique, open, material and freshly vibrating experiences.

Everybody is invited to /not/ question the common and individual values and criteria of art experience challenging the in/official canon and one’s in/scrutable taste.

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Performance by Marisa Benjamim
Live Music by Naftik

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