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25 Artists at GlogauAIR

09 - 21 May 2009
@ Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien

25 Artists at GlogauAIR

Cecilio Chaves // Petra Grozaj // Elisa Balmaceda // Tamara Rewse // Eduardo Balanza // Anna Pickering //
José de León // Idetsuki Hideaki // Funda Ozgünaydın // Alfonso M. Escudero // Cécile Azoulay //
Mariana Viegas // Pilar Alonso // Anna Szigethy // Rein Vollenga // Moonjoo Lee // SAM 3 // Kuno Ebert //
Carolina Cordeiro // Rika Aki // Lara + Coto // Sojung Jun // Vessna Perunovich // Olivier Larivière // Araceli Martinez

Come and buy them, folks
'cause they’re the icing
on the cake of life
a guitar string
touched by Elvis
and the clasp of a blouse
la Lollo wore

Souvenirs Souvenirs by Bill Ramsey

SOUVENIR, the longing: I would like to keep something-that’s yours!

SOUVENIR SOUVENIR, is a highly ironic, yet meaningful music video, sexy and in black-and-white, by Bill Ramsey. I believe, it is simply fabulous: without much fuss, it crosses in text and vision the boundaries that encircle the wordlet SOUVENIR like a special aura and thus make it so appealing. The video is staged in an easy manner. Bill pushes a cart filled with desirable objects onto the stage. Several girls dance self-depreciating kitschy folk dances. The stage is sparsely decorated. Stripe design, recalling the texture of canvas chairs, icon-like and larger than life.

SOUVENIR SOUVENIR. It is related to the fetish, the longing for something connected with an idolized person, a star, a demigod. The souvenir becomes a devotional object, it improves the attitude to life and conveys a feeling of happiness and I find it a very straightforward approach. It is here that the change-over to art is lurking and this is exactly what we do, when we travel and create art: We mug ourselves, snatch either the best or a piece of it away from ourselves. Experiences, someting unique. Thus it becomes eternity, is canonized, turns into matter, as if cast in perspex. It remains the way it had been. Untouchable, yet visible to many, elevated, like on an altar. A frozen good, the creation, my souvenir.

SOUVENIR SOUVENIR. A souvenir is an object, one picks up and treasures as a memory of a certain event, a certain place or person. In art, one goes a step further. You perform magic, enchant with what you pick up and treasure. The auxesis of your own memory becomes a charme, a magic remedy. The term “fetish”, deriving from Portuguese, indicates exactly that. No matter if it pertains an erotic or a social meaning, it is all about worship and personal complacency.

SOUVENIR SOUVENIR. Have a look at the appreciations, the manifestations of life, the results, the secrets, the big and small verities. This is what we see in the exhibition. In many different variations, yet always sincere. I am. And since I am, I have been a Berliner. And that’s what I have picked up, fetched myself. Take a look!

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