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Yusuke Wakata was born in 1995 in Ehime, graduated from Musashino Art University in 2017, and enrolled at the Graduate School of Design at the Tokyo University of the Arts.While focusing on the space and the objects in our daily lives, Wakata has produced works which alter fixed idea derived from our unconscious. In order to link the alteration with the daily lives of people , Wakata tries to merge the disciplines of design and fine arts, and aims to produce works that make use of those characteristics.

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Yusuke Wakata
Yusuke Wakata

Yusuke Wakata
Yusuke Wakata

Yusuke Wakata
Yusuke Wakata


Explore the esthetics from the existing space. Then trying to extract the elements of the place and transform them.
I would like to create works inspired by the atelier, surroundi ng environment, history, and so on. For example, we will search some objects in the atelier the characteristics of the town unique to Berlin and convey a new idea by sublimating them as a spatial exhibition. In particular, the atmosphere and the environment of Berlin is extremely different from Japan. I would like to create a work that can only be inspired by Berlin. Also in this work, if there is a possibility to find anything in common between the work and myself, as a Japanese, or Japanese characteristics. That would be magnificent.

Using printed films of people and photos of landscapes to conspicuous the features of the land.
I cut these images taken in Berlin and folded it into a petal s hape to create a new work. I think that various conceptual expressions could be possibly associated with such as sticking them onto an object, making it a spatial exhibition, and so on. I will be trying producing works inspired by colors and people of Berlin.



2014 Tokyo Designer's Week School Exhibition (Tokyo/Meijijingu Gaien)
Base point exhibition (Tokyo/Musashino Art University)
2016 Living Art in OHYAMA 2016 (Toyama/Ohyama Community Center)
National Showa Memorial Park Winter Vista Illumination (Tokyo/Showa Kinen Park)
2017 Musashino Art University Graduation Work Exhibition (Tokyo/Musashino Art University)
IAG AWARDS 2017 (Tokyo/National Theatre of Japan)
Independent TOKYO 2017 (Tokyo/HULIC HALL)
KENZAN 2017 (Tokyo/Arena Hall Tamagawa)
Independent New York (New York/Ashok jain Gallery)
2018 SHIBUYA Arts Affair of GEIDAI (Tokyo/SEIBU SHIBUYA)
Cool and beautiful people in Japan (Tokyo/ISETAN SINJUKU)
IAG ARTISTS SELECTION (Tokyo/National Theatre of Japan)
"Forsakig Pop"Group show curated by Kyoko Sato (New York/WhiteBox)
ALL ART+ (New York/Vander Plas Gallery)

Solo Exhibition

2018 "FOLD" (New York/Cafe Grumpy)
Tender Cities (NewYork/WhiteBox)


2014 Tokyo Designer's Week School Exhibition Asia Award Semi Grand Prix
2017 Musashino Art University Graduation work Excellence Award
IAG AWARDS 2017 Winning
KENZAN 2017 Lower Akihabara Prize / IID Gallery Prize
HAKUHODO Workshop Grand-Prix


2018 White Box Web History (NewYork/WhiteBox)