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Interested in perception and its limits, she addresses questions from close-up. It is the chiasm, the intertwining between what occurs and our view that captures it, an opening of possibilities, that runs through her praxis –from research to production – located at the intersection between art, literature and philosophy. Based on minimal interventions in space, drawings and texts, her actions are records of everyday life as a way to open a dialogue with a certain phenomenon. She works also with performance in order to expand her texts and publications to fold them.
‘The Resistance of the Imperceptible’ is the name of the work she has been developing since 2014, leading to her Master’s dissertation in 2017. Her new project, ‘The Future’ emerges from the ideas generated by this process, and has received the support of the Guasch Coranty Foundation Grant. If the purpose of the first project was the perceptual limits of space, in ‘The Future’ it's the perceptive limits of time. This project is based on the importance of paying attention to possible future realities that are already latent but still unnoticed.

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Sara Agudo Millán
Sara Agudo Millán

Sara Agudo Millán
Sara Agudo Millán

Sara Agudo Millán
Sara Agudo Millán

Sara Agudo Millán
Sara Agudo Millán

Sara Agudo Millán
Sara Agudo Millán


Empty Space is a site specific proposal based on the selection of a space where she will begin some research and
speculative attempts related to its emptiness. She understands vacuum as a field full of possibilities, instead of a limitation, as a beginning, not as an end. By paying attention to the space, it unfolds as a condition of possibility to be transformed into place in order to experience it. During the process, she will generate a textual material and other records to make an edition later of the score for a performance. This project follows the line of a performance she did last year in which she chose the empty white room - one that all art schools use to show students work in an apparently neutral context. The main concept underlying her text was that precisely these spaces are a collective artwork shaped by all the traces of each previously exhibited project. On another occasion she made a publication about an old and new building concerning on its potential. Now she proposes to choose a space within Glogauair to write about its perceptible and imperceptible traces, the potentiality of that emptiness spreading over a temporal



Master’s Degree. Production and Artistic Research. Fine Arts University - UB. 2016-2017. Barcelona
University Degree. Art and Design. Escola Massana - UAB. 2009-2014. Barcelona


La Tèrmica Lab. Festival Panoràmic. Granollers. September 2018
La Gran Màquina V. Festival Embarrat. Tàrrega. May 2018
Título. ATI Prodart. Galeria Àngels Barcelona. June 2017
Invisibles. Galeria Catascopio. Festival Seco Barcelona. March 2017
Nodes. Mofuta Studio. Barcelona. December 2016
Apertus 01: the ass between two chairs. Galeria Àngels Barcelona. November 2016
Apertus 01: Han Nefkens Foundation Workshop presentation. Escola Massana. July 2016
Instants quotidians. Fnac. Barcelona. October 2014
Punt i Coma. Editorial Comanegra. Barcelona. May 2014
Y Punto. Sala Busquets. Escola Massana. January 2014
Art i Ciutat. Sala Blava. Escola Massana. June 2012


Individual performance. Recital Aula Miró - Espacio vacío. Fine Arts University. June 2017
Collective reading. H by Oriol Vilanova directed by Xavier Albertí. Fundació Antonti Tàpies. March 2017


Internationalization Grant. La Escocesa - GlogauAir Program Berlin. October 2018
Creation Grant. Guasch Coranty Foundation. 2017-2018
Apertus 01. Han Nekfens Foundation. Summer 2016
Other Professional experiences
Coordination Institutional stand. Arts Libris Fair. April 2018
Assistant of the artist Giuliana Racco. 2018
Assistant of the artist Mireia C. Saladrigues. May 2018
BAR project coordinator. September - December 2017
Receptionist and team leader. Fundació Antoni Tàpies. June 2015 - September 2017
Coordination Escola Massana stand. Arts Libris Fair. Arts Santa Mònica. April 2017
Workshop: Regen. El Puig School. Esparreguera. March 2016
Collaborator. Cooking in Maximum Security by Matteo Guidi. 2016
Production and research assistant. The Artist and the Stone project. 2015-2016