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Coming from a background in architecture, my main interest lies in space. More specifically, in the way our daily surroundings influence us. I investigate how certain spatial signs can manipulate our instinctive feelings about a space and try, in my turn, to manipulate those signs to create another experiential outcome.
My work finds it foundation in architectural theory and philosophy of space, evolving from text to object to spatial installation. The resulting objects and spaces often seek to evoke specific experiences in the user and do this by inviting the user to interact with them, inhabit them, or play with them. The work comments on the function our immediate environment (domestic or urban) fulfils and proposes alternatives.

Marijn Roos Lindgreen lives and works in Amsterdam. After obtaining a bachelors degree in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology she proceeded to join the masters program Studio for Immediate Spaces at the Sandberg Institute, graduating in 2016.
Afterwards she continues to develop her artistic practice, next to being involved with more traditional forms of (interior) architecture.

Marijn Roos Lindgreen
Marijn Roos Lindgreen

Marijn Roos Lindgreen
Marijn Roos Lindgreen

Marijn Roos Lindgreen


During my stay at GlogauAIR I would like to materialize a project that I’m currently developing in the medium of written text. This project deals with clarification of the significance of borders between inside- and outside space. I see the definition of in- and outside space in a broader sense – in some instances we talk about city as inside and the surrounding open lands as outside, and in some instances we talk about inside and outside of the body. In all instances the topic, whatever scale, concerns space and spatial relations.
My interest is in the borders that lay between, the non-space, the thresholds, and how they manifest themselves – physically and non-physically.
How solid are they? How do they influence our relationships to spaces we occupy? How do they influence how we enter and exit them? Is it possible to erase them completely and do without borders? What would happen if outside became inside and inside became outside? I am diving into the world of the in-between.
I plan to finish the main part of my theoretical research into this topic before my arrival at GlogauAIR and aim to spend my time at the residency focussing on material research. I would like to explore how to express my theoretical findings (or the questions I am left with) in physical objects. The goal would be to produce and display a spatial installation in which visitors/inhabitants/participants will be able to feel the duality of the border; to invite them onto the threshold.


2014. Received Bachelor degree in Architecture from Delft University of Technology.
2016. Received Masters degree in Interior Architecture at Studio for Immediate Spaces from Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.

2015. Wellness Weekend. BIN, Turnhout.
Group show by students of Studio for Immediate Spaces in collaboration with artist Martin Belou.
In the week leading up to the Wellness Weekend we inhabited the warehouse that would finally become the exhibition space. During this week we made the space liveable, while asking ourselves: what does liveable mean? What makes wellness and wellbeing? The results of these questions were but on display: a hot tub, framed light, a hot dog stand, a pool.
Contributed own work: Framed Light
2016. East Wing. Former Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam.
Graduation show.
The show, set up in the East Wing of the former Burgerweeshuis by Aldo van Eyck in Amsterdam, invites the visitor into a series of immersive spaces and situations. All works ask the visitor to put in the effort of participation in exchange for a different insight in their daily surroundings. They work together in an attempt to expose the hidden cues we unconsciously receive from manmade spaces.
Contributed own work: Living Room
2017. TR/PS. Neverneverland, Amsterdam.
Group show by The Travel Agency.
TR/PS is the 1st quarter meeting of The Travel Agency. In an intensive 5-day working period on site we employed our desires for cooperation and productive togetherness to engage in a live-research on the ‘corpus operandi’.
Remote working strategies allowed us to incorporate satellite ventures that add up to an immersive realm, which seeks to show the strengths of cooperation.

2016. Sitting on a stone in a field for a while.
Graduation thesis. Subtitled: forming an image of the sublime and how it can exist in designed space.
The thesis consists of a series of texts in which I look at moments where I recognise the sublime in space – either through memory (within myself) or through reference (outside of myself). The moments within myself, I describe. The moments outside of myself, I reflect on. By looking at these moments, I try to form an image of how I define the feeling of the sublime, and how this feeling can exist within, or by means of (designed) space.
2018. Een onbegrensd bushokje en het huis als sok (An unlimited bus shelter and the house seen as sock).
Submission for an essay competition, given theme: ‘Outside-in’.
In this essay I explore what determines the placement of the border between outside and inside. Concluding that this border exists partly mentally and appears to be flexible, I discuss the consequences this flexibility could have for our perception of in- and outside.

Establishment of ‘The Travel Agency’ – a collective of artists, architects and designers, evolving around the (mis)use of a Ford Transit 2.0L Diesel. The car is used as a literal and metaphorical vehicle for artistic practice, get-togethers and, of course, transportation.