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My visual language is ruled by play, femininity, identity, and nostalgia. Through flat fields of vivid color, quirky shapes, and estranged familiar objects, my imagination catalyzes the materialization of a bizarre and compelling world that has a tounge-and-cheek approach to darker and more personal concepts.

Using color palettes from toys I create images that are dynamic and sound, yet playful and eye catching. The process results in a symphony of chunky shapes and bold patterns. A hypnotic and delightful world manifests; a world where rainbows, animal print, and mysterious windows exist in harmony with scissors, raindrops and hearts either broken or too full to beat without bursting.

My paintings are rectangular windows into another world. With recollection and commemoration of my childhood, I create utopias where I invite humor and play to elevate modern ideas of girl-hood. It is crucial that my practice glorifies permission to be frivolous, decorative, and personal in art.

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Jana Cariddi
Jana Cariddi

Jana Cariddi
Jana Cariddi


During my stay at GlogauAIR, I plan to further my practice and development as a visual
artist. Since January, Berlin has been an amazing place for me to feel inspired and focus on my
artistic endeavors. I’ve experienced my first artist residency as well as my first time leaving the
U.S., which has been very conducive to my practice. I plan explore my ideas through painting,
drawing and installation. I enjoyed working large scale in my previous residency and I plan to
continue this. Residencies are a good opportunity for me to utilize having the space for creating
large scale.


2011-2015 Savannah College of Art and Design- Savannah, GA
BFA in painting
2007-2011 Morris Knolls High School- Rockaway, NJ
2008 Parson’s School of Design- New York, NY
Drawing, design, and portfolio development class
2001-2003 Joe Kubert School of Cartooning- Dover, NJ
Drawing class
2018 GlogauAIR Artist Residency- Berlin, DE
(July-September: 3 month live-in artist residency)
2018 Takt Artist Residency, Berlin- DE
3 month live-in artist residency
2011-2015 Savannah College of Art and Design- Savannah, GA
Artistic award yearly scholarship, Deans list
Foundation studies excellence award
Awarded studio space junior through senior year
2018 Nautilus Art Loft- Berlin, DE
Loft Rave: Group exhibition
2018 Takt Tapir Gallery- Berlin, DE
The Belly of the Whale: Artist in residence group exhibition
2018 Hi Volt- New Orleans, LA
Shores of Perception: Group exhibition
2017 Bud Rips- New Orleans, LA
Juice: Group print show
2016 Gallery Espresso- Savannah, GA
Mac n' Sleeze: Solo Exhibition
2016 Sulfur Studios- Savannah, GA
Art Decko: Skateboard deck silent auction
2016 The Florence- Savannah, GA
Youth Soup: Solo exhibition
2015 Sulfur Studios- Savannah, GA
Cats Cradle: group exhibiton
2015 Jelinek Creative Studios- Savannah, GA
Paramnesia: group exhibition
2011-2015 Alexander Hall open studio event- Savannah, GA
Painting and installation
2014 Safe // Sound- Savannah, GA
Are We Content?: group show
2014 Sicky Nar Nar- Savannah, GA
Sketchbook Show: group show
2012 Savannah Arts Center- Savannah, GA
Southern Lights: group show
2011 Blackwell Gallery- Morristown, NJ
*Juried exhibition
2014-2015 Paintings purchased by SCAD permanent collections