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Through an interdisciplinary practice, I investigate ways to give shape, form and visibility to
the primitive and innermost states of the human condition. Like the visceral desires of
invading, inspecting or intruding into the body. A force that permeates secretly, infiltrating
itself through the body in the form of sensation and yet, remains invisible to the outermost
perception – contrasting between appearance and interiority.
Taking the form of audiovisual, object, action, or installation, the work seeks to expose these
forces, that we have been taught to negate and put aside in order to live harmoniously in
society, but rather, when denied, grow stronger, proliferating and expanding under the
surface. The work proposes to bring forth these invisible forces, through a visual, temporal
and spatial construction. Thus, inviting viewers to access these and other neglected inner
states within themselves, even if only on a subconscious level.

Bruna Mayer at
Open Studios June 2018