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The common denominator in her work is approaching photography in different ways. Bernardita´s themes of interest are identity aspects on urban spaces. She systematically register urban structures to generate documentary series under different premises. In them the orders are given by factors such as similarity and resemblance, rearranging the images and thereby revealing repeated patterns in reality. In her latest research she has added other medias such as video and installation work by the collection of images, sounds and objects from abandoned buildings, creating a metaphor about death through the phenomenon of demolitions. In parallel she is constantly researching on different technical possibilities of photography, manipulating it to create photomontages, stop motion animations or printing over several materials. With this interventions aspects of strangeness and ominous character are revealed in the image.

Bernardita Bennett at
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018
Bernardita Bennett participates with Chicx Chilean Conexión // external exhibition artists

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