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The common denominator in her work is approaching photography in different ways. Bernardita´s themes of interest are identity aspects on urban spaces. She systematically register urban structures to generate documentary series under different premises. In them the orders are given by factors such as similarity and resemblance, rearranging the images and thereby revealing repeated patterns in reality. In her latest research she has added other medias such as video and installation work by the collection of images, sounds and objects from abandoned buildings, creating a metaphor about death through the phenomenon of demolitions. In parallel she is constantly researching on different technical possibilities of photography, manipulating it to create photomontages, stop motion animations or printing over several materials. With this interventions aspects of strangeness and ominous character are revealed in the image.

Bernardita Bennett at
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018
Bernardita Bennett participates with Chicx Chilean Conexión // external exhibition artists

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Bernardita Bennett
Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett
Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett
Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett
Bernardita Bennett

Bernardita Bennett
Bernardita Bennett


My 3 main aims in applying for the art residency in GlogauAIR are:

1.To generate a visual material with a powerful background expressed across the development of artwork based in the use of photography and installation work.

2. To explore the city context and use it as a platform and medium to express social and intimate thoughts

3. To extend my conception of contemporary art by the interaction with visual artists attainable goal by virtue of this multicultural residency space

My project proposal:

My proposal is based in a further research about old and “about to dissappear” arquitecture in Berlin. As many constructions are been replaced for new ones, I would like to use multiple tools of study to capture the process of changing of the urban fachades and interiors of abandoned builings: a) audiovisual media (photographs and video); b) recollection of objects (pieces of stone and cement;) c) printing with paper and chalk (over the same textures and traces of the walls). The aim is to create a historical/personal cadastre of the traces of time using the city as the canvas and subject of work.

One interest that have crossed my past artworks, is how the city mutates from one shape to another, a characteristic of the contemporary world in which time is perceived in a different and faster way, and so along the way in which the conception of real estate is designed and built. On time, less persistant materials are used turning the city into something disposable, a loyal expression of liquid modernism. In that matters I have collected some referents as the spanish artist Marti Llorens. He documents the demolition of a industrial área (near where he lived) in Barcelona from 1987 until 1992. The result is a social document that started by a the intimate relationship he had with his neighborhood. His works explains how the economic interests invades city zones to create efficient and vertical towers “His images contain someone that tragic quality of wagnerian cosmology, in which two armys crush into each other, idelogy against economic interest.”[1] (J.Fontcuberta) Berlin is a container of history and so are the constructions that had inhabitated its space. As a foreign artist I am an observant that come and goes, that circulates randomly into this scenery. For this reserach I will get lost into the city, without a walking path and therefore, document it like an urban archelogist, taking notes of the buildings and walls “about to be destroyed” for the replacement of something new, something rentable, the way in which gentrificaction and the capitalisation of the square meters is shown.

The process of death of this old structures will be studied through bidimensional media but also through the direct contact with de materia, recollecting glass, stones and whatever I find so I can reorganice it in the studio, creating a sort of archelogical archive of all this observations. At the end I project this reaserch showing it like a museographic study, showing objects like a precious discovery. A visual reference of this idea is the chilean artist Maria Edwards, which makes her own interpretation of the cosmos by notes and drawings of her vision about astronomy.

[1] “The kiss of Judas” Joan Fontcuberta pg 69.

Lately I have been searching about poetry of death. I would like to connect this visual research with extracts of texts taken by poetry by Sylvia Plath, W.S Merwin, and Begoña Ugalde (contemporary chilean poet). I have been doing this research because of the lost of a relative a couple of years ago. With this, I will try to give visual shape to this feeling, by creating a metaphoric paralel: the disappearance of material structures with an emotional loss.

The result of the reserach will work as a historical but at the same time personal and poetrical archive


Backward Research / Blind Walls

I have already been doing architecture research in Germany and Poland capital in the context of a residency programmes I worked in on 2015 and 2016. These research was based in Fire Walls or “Blind Walls” in the city. I made a collection of this constructions, in the same angle frontaly and systematically conforming a typology serie. I was specially interested in these structures in which windows have been constructed after war, illegally over the fire laws of the cities. Also, in many of them I identifyed traces of other houses built beside them leaving a trace in its surface.

This past studies connects directly and gives continuity to my body of work.


Bernardita Bennett (Chile) is bachelor in Visual Arts in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and Master in Arts and New Media in Universidad de Chile.

She has done solo and group exhibitions in Chile and the rest of the world, such as the solo show "Habitares II"(2017) El Internado Gallery, Valparaiso, Chile;

"Collective exhibition Chile, Corea, Iran" (2017) in Mommsen35 Gallery, Charlottenburg, Berlin;

"Expanded" (2017) Somos Gallery, Kreuzberg Berlin.

"Chilean Pavillion" Nordart, Rendsburg, Germany.

"On the Mind ́s Eye" (2016) Takt Gallery, Friedrichsain, Berlin;

"Habitares" (2015) solo show on Estacion Mapocho, Santiago, Chile

"Exercises"(2014) in Gallery AFA , Photography national workshops (2013),

Balmaceda's Young Artists Price in Museum of Contemporary art of Santiago (2011) between other exhibitions.

In 2014 she participates in "El Borde" art Residence in Center of the Image of Lima.

In 2015 she wins the first price in Photography in the council art contest of Santiago.

In 2015 she participates in Laznia art Residency in Gdanzk, Poland where in addition she exhibits a video work in the collective show "Influences".

In 2016 she is part of Takt, art residency in Berlin, Germany.

She has been honored by the Santander Master scholarship for studying at Goldsmiths University in London.

She develops photo projects workshops as a professor in University in Santiago, Chile.