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Multimedia artist whose work moves between contemporary culture and the research of alternative ways of interaction.

My artistic practice focuses mainly on installations and objects that have to do with the sensationalism and the seduction strategies of the media and the overload of stimuli to which we are subjected.
As for my personal research, I’m interested in the use of alternative capacities and materials for the control of interfaces, new kinds of interfaces that speak of the relationship of people with the environment that surrounds them and that are part of their lives.

Ainhoa Salas at
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018
Open Studios September 2018 September 2018

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Ainhoa Salas
Ainhoa Salas

Ainhoa Salas
Ainhoa Salas

Ainhoa Salas


The context of the project I want to develop has to do with fascination, engagement, the sensationalism; it has to do with the
aesthetics of the Internet and contemporary practices of immediacy, appropriation, frantic rhythms and mesmerizing loops, it
looks like and uses marketing strategies focused in engage user’s attention.
Those strategies not only seek to give us information about products, nowadays ads seek to seduce us through
entertainment, to captivate us, engage attention, then, secondly, they give certain information that will have more or less to do
with what we were told at first. We can notice this tactic also, for example, in super-morbid and incomplete headlines that look
for the click and in which many times, when entering in the content, we find that the news or article has very little to do with
what was reported in its headline, normally the content is disappointing and misleading.
Mine it’s a kind of pop art that talks of contemporary culture using the same resources of the current Internet culture, as the
previous ones we referred to (sensationalism, appropriationism, loops...) –and others like the overload of stimuli and
information, the sensory chaos, the colors, etc. - to make a refexion about it.
I would like to continue developing the present project at both practical and theoretical level.
At theoretical level, I would like to continue researching in the ways of doing of society and in their ways of escaping on the
internet and exploring the phenomenon of videos and internet content that act as oasis (satisfying videos), understand why of
its emergence and what makes them so "satisfying", how it relates with the current culture and which way it evolves.
At the practical level I intend to set up several pieces I have sketched and work on the generation of new ideas, that is to
bring the studied concepts into practice.
The pieces to be created during the residence take notice in the industrial processes or the mechanical movements that are
like mantras, with constant and repetitive rhythms and for that reason, they are mainly naked machines that allow to
appreciate all the processes of the loops besides the loop itself.
They are also based on appropriationism, since they are composed of found objects, objects that being decontextualized and
used in absurd machines, acquire a new formal and aesthetic dimension, they become captivating objects that, in addition,
placed in installation format, generate a seemingly chaotic immersion space. They continue the line of work already begun
keeping on the research in the contemporary ways of entertainment.


Academic formation
2008-2013: Graduated in Fine Arts by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
2013-2016: Master in Artes Visuales y Multimedia by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
- Selection in XX mostra Art públic – Universitat pública. June 2017.
- Presentation of interactive videomapping Project Reconstruïnt Cabanyal, result of the Emergents 2016 grant aid and
presented in the 7th Cabanyal
Íntim Festival of Performing Arts. May 2017. 2016:
- Grant Emergents 2016 to creative, innovative and sociocultural inclusive projects. November 2016
- Selection in XVII Call Luis Adelantado 2015. July 2015.
- Collective Exhibition PAM! PAM! in Centre del Carme. May 2015.
- Collaboration in Expociencia 2015, organised by Parc Científic of Universitat de València. Interdisciplinar collaboration
project. May 2015.
- Collective exhibition Mar-mar in Octubre Centro de Cultura Contemporánea taking place inside the program of Mostra Viva
del Mediterràni.
December 2014.
- Mention in PAM! 2014, II Muestra de Producciones Artísticas y Multimedia de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Valencia. May
- Participation in the videomapping demonstration in 4th Cabanyal Íntim Festival of Performing Arts. May 2014.