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There is a strong idea of homogeneity between the different works of Aaron Daem, this counts not only
for the paintings but also for his drawings he makes. The seemingly childlike images like a boat, a sun
and waves are painted with great accuracy, the under layers that are visible through the image refer to
an intense painterly and substantive search. The sensitivity that those simple images receive creates a
contrasting result. The use of his balanced colorite tells us something about the painting in the past but
undeniably from his contemporary position. You can experience the works with a great amusement but
on the other side there is a critical point of view towards the medium itself. (A jury report)

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Aaron Daem
Aaron Daem

Aaron Daem
Aaron Daem

Aaron Daem
Aaron Daem


During the GlogauAIR residency, I want to focus on the limits and values of an image. To discover how
an image can maneuver in a contemporary landscape, especially in the case of the painting. The
painting which has, since the early 80’s, started with the following question: can you still paint?
Therefore I want to develop a research from multiple points of view, to put different components and
contexts together in hopes of creating autonomous images. The result of this will be decided by the
environment and his side effects. With this residency I will have the space to confront myself with the
developments and results who will evolve during the residency.



Bachelor Fine Arts, Luca School of Arts Ghent.
Master Fine Arts, Luca School of Arts Ghent.


Jury Prize, Luca School of Arts Ghent, 2017.
Selecetion, Ronse Drawing Prize. 2017
Apprecentice Master project, Kunstpodium T.
Eindhoven, Netherlands. 2016.


-Wuow, Group Exhibition Luca School of Arts Ghent. 08/05/2013 - 11/05/2013. Nucleo, Lindelei 38, 9000 Ghent.
-Desukkelsvandesokkel, Group Exhibition 08/12/2015 - 18/12/2015. Beeldentuin Luca School of Arts, Alexianenplein 1, 9000, Ghent.
-Arture #4, Group Exhibition. 08/04/2016. St-Mauritsplein, Ressegem, 9550 (Herzele).
-Het Eenzame Paard, Group Exhibition, 03/07/2016 - 08/07/2016. Croxhapox, Lucas Munichstraat 76/82, 9000, Ghent.
-Sex Met Verf, Group Exhibition, 15/10/2016 - 13/11/2016. Croxhapox, Lucas Munichstraat 76/82, 9000, Ghent.
-The Law Of The Cupola, Apprentice Master Project by Kunstpodium T, Group Exhibition, 24/03/2016 - 09/05/2016, Temporary Art
Centrum, Vondeweg 1, 5600, Eindhoven.
-Huisnummer 59, Duo Exhibition with Eline Vansteenkiste, 15/06/2017 - 16/06/2017, Sint- Baafssteeg 59, 9000, Gent.
-Gradution Show, Luca School of Arts, 24/06/2017 - 26/06/2017, Alexianenplein 1, 9000, Gent.
-Werf, Duo Exhibition with Evelyn Vanoverbeke, 30/06/2017 - 2/07/2017, Onderstraat 12, 9000, Gent.
-V36, Work Place P.U.L.S, Toneelhuis, 16/09/2017 - ... De Vrièrestraat 36, 2000, Antwerpen.
-Lux, Luca Showcase, 23/10/2017 – 28/10/2017. Nest, Graaf van Vlaanderenplein, 9000, Gent.
-Yügen#16 Art Group Exhibition, 29/09/2018 – 13/10/2018. Yügen, Ferdinand Lousbergkaai, 9000, Gent
-All You Need Is The Lavatory: Food Matters. 29/11/2018 – 29/12/2018. Croxhapox, Nest, Graaf van Vlaanderenplein, 9000, Gent.

Extern Projects

-De Zwarte Zusters: A Large group with different musicians with various backgrounds formed on Luca