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Australia 1987

Painting for me will always be an exploration.
My painting aims to be an alternative to the digital and mass produced world of this day. I am interested
in materiality - the 'thingess' of materials. I use paint as paint; by using oil paint that is made by my hand
or on traditional equipment we are able to see the individual characteristics of each pigment according
to its particle size; this combined with other obvious factors such as oil content and transparency open
up a vast opportunity for exploration. Using this understanding and the manipulation of colour through
the sensual handling and movement of the body we can create 'real/truthfull things'.

Zachary Craig at
Ash Land Berry Farm // Project Space Exhibition

Zachary Craig: Blind contour study

Blind contour study
ink on paper, 120 x 70 cm

Zachary Craig: Eleutheria Show

Eleutheria Show

Zachary Craig: Painting 17

Painting 17
Oil on synthetic canvas, 150 x 150 cm

Zachary Craig: Painting 18

Painting 18
Acrylic and chalk on linen, 120 x 90 cm

Zachary Craig: Painting 22

Painting 22
Oil on linen, 200 x 90 cm

Zachary Craig: Studies intallation

Studies intallation
Assorted Media


The fellowship would afford me the opportunity to explore a variety of areas in my painting practice.
These identified areas of exploration are a mix of the contemporary and traditional. The specific areas
are listed below:
Materiality (Contemporary response) - In a materialist world of noisy, hollow mass produced
items - we find that materials are now commonly subjugated to an end result typically based on
economic factors. Painting is the only place where colour is manipulated as its own individual
entity. I aim to manipulate my paints according to each individual situation that arises on the
support - I am interested in exploring how these materials with no narrative context can cause
an emotional response in the viewer.
Techniques (Historical practice):
Color mixing on support (Glazing) - My paintings during this residency will have a
special focus on glazing - I want to explore optical complexity through achieved
through the mixing of colours on the support.
On my travels so far I have been able to witness face to face many great paintings that I
could only see before in books. I have been inspired by these artworks - particularly
that of 14th Century Netherlandish and Deutsch painting.
Study of art in ages past:
Medieval art - I would like to see further into how they achieve the 'continuous' nature
of their pieces - how details lead you from one thing to the next and how these details
also act as part of the whole. These similarities to pure painting are important to
determine and hence strengthen in my own work. I also have in interest in the Gothic
and how that mentality lead to the art of the day.
The overall goal of the residency would be to work on my new paintings and access the cultural
institutions throughout Berlin. The German painting history and studies in local museums would
help me to develop my practice significantly. I hope to engage with likeminded artist at the
residency and build significant connections.
The aim of my practice is to explore paint, to learn, develop and build a strong practice based on
strong technique - this residency would help me further my education and practice whilst maturing
into an artist with something real and new to contribute to the dialogue of painting.


b. 1987, Dubbo, AUS
Lives and works in Austinmer, AUS

2009 - 2012 The Charlie Sheard Studio School, Sydney

2016 The 'ISM' of art, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
2015 Eleutheria, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
2013 Sketches and Studies, Global Gallery, Sydney
2012 Presence, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
2012 Little Gems, Shepherd Street Gallery, Sydney
2012 Colour and Substance, Global Gallery, Sydney
2017 The Greenhouse, Berlin
2017 Baumwollespinnerei, Leipzig

2014 - 2017 Design, Enmore Design Center, Sydney
2016 - 2017 Jewelry Design Illustration, Enmore Design Center, Sydney