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Finland 1985 / 1986

Vappu Tuomisto
is a filmmaker, who has made mostly short animation films. Her films have been screened in international film festivals, and lately in gallery spaces as well. She has also written different kind of material from short stories to a first version of a long feature film script. Her filmmaking processes have been very diverse. She’s made some by herself, one during a month long train trip across Europe, and one with two midwives in a Senegalese artist in residence. Lately she’s been incresingly interested in people’s relationship to other animals. She spent a year studying farm animal husbandry, and got to visit and work in places, most people never experience nowadays. At the moment she’s working on an experimental film dealing with milk production, and a short screenplay about pigs getting human brain as a consequence of a scientific research. At the moment Vappu and Matti are working together on a stop motion animation film. They met seven years ago in a scriptwriting workshop. Since then, they have worked together. They are also a couple in personal life.

Matti Koskinen
I'm a 30-year old film student from Helsinki. Currently I'm studying a masters degree in screenwriting for film and tv, and also doing minor studies in animation. It's my seventh year in the Aalto University and I'm feeling ready to start a career in writing films. I have made several short films since I was a teenager, but the whole time in film school I have done quite intense ”inner search” for finding my own way to be an independent artist. Actually, for me that is whole point in being in a school. I have always wanted to do all kinds of labour alongside my studies. It is also a financial issue but I really want to see and understand how different kind of people live in different kinds of circumstances. You can write about things you have never seen by your own eyes but I think that is not my way of writing. For me as a screenwriter, the whole life is a research. All the setbacks are also just potential material for your next work piece. I at least like to think that way. I'm very interested in understanding how different social structures and ideologies work and are related to each others. Especially hidden ideologies, those that form our identity and make us certain kinds of citizens, consumers or members of teams and organizations, are intriguing. Film is a great way for me to explore human behaviour and expand my understanding of myself and other people.

Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2017

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Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen

Mating season
experimental film, 2016

Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen

Anatomically (ab)Normal
animation, 2015

Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen

We are not living in a fucking hospital
experimental film, 2010

Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen

animation, 2009