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United States 1987

We are consumed by an overwhelming vastness of objects and products within the contemporary world. Adverts for new clothing, decor and countless other goods are inescapable in our ever changing purchasing climate, demanding endless participation. Considering our constant inundation with low priced fashion trends and alluring interior design showrooms, I’m convinced that priority is given to vanity and societal expectations.

The vicious cycle and societal pressures to participate in this phenomenological cultural exchange seem insurmountable. Facades of pristinely considered attire make up for lack of genuineness. Perfectly placed pillows and wallpaper take priority over authenticity. Experience is replaced with expense. Presentation is everything. Personification is given to inanimate objects that surround our walls and fill our closets, yet empty our pockets. But are we fulfilled?

BAGGAGE is a one of a kind retail store to be navigated throughout. It examines the display of objects and their greater intrinsic meaning within today’s consumer culture. Ordinary objects become elevated by mass production and positioning within a familiarly designed space. Ultimately, consumers are offered the opportunity to confront their purchasing patterns, pondering what their requirements for ownership might be.

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Rachel Goodwin: Sporty Stripe

Sporty Stripe
fabric, wood, polyfil fiberfill, foam, elastic trimming 87”H x 39”W x 12”D 2017

Rachel Goodwin: Night Out

Night Out
fabric, wood, polyfil fiberfill, foam, elastic trimming 82”H x 46”W x 12”D 2017

Rachel Goodwin: Crop Top

Crop Top
fabric, wood, polyfil fiberfill, foam, elastic trimming 70"H x 39”W x 14"D 2016

Rachel Goodwin: Pillowphernalia

canvas, wood, latex paint, polyfil fiberfill, fabric, trimming 72”H x 48”W x 18”D 2016

Rachel Goodwin: Pink Power

Pink Power
fabric, wood, polyfil fiberfill, elastic, trimming 62”H x 44”W x 12”D 2017

Rachel Goodwin: Laced Up

Laced Up
fabric, wood, polyfil fiberfill, elastic trimming, twine 65”H x 45”W x 11”D 2017

Rachel Goodwin: BAGGAGE Installation Shot

BAGGAGE Installation Shot
ceramic, wood, fabric, foam, custom pillows, wallpaper 27’ W x 14’ H x 10”D 2017

Rachel Goodwin: Bargain Bin

Bargain Bin
handmade pillows, custom fabric tags, wooden bargain bin 48" W x 48" L x 36" D 2017


Having just completed an MFA program now is the perfect time for me to use the momentum and learning curves that lie therein into welcoming a deeper investigation of my work moving forward. Engagement in observing current fashion trends in Europe and interacting with the community in Berlin will inform my practice in exciting avenues that extent beyond the studio pursuits I have developed towards a thesis exhibition within an academic setting.

The opportunity to advance dialogue with the local arts community will invite exciting new areas of contemplation in my own studio practice, but is also a privilege to share my passion with others. While in residency at Glogau, my time will be spent using varying fabric and screen-printed techniques to create unique, customized pillows and patterns that are in conversation with mass produced objects, yet hold their own aesthetic value and merit. My hopes are to expand my practice in observing new everyday objects that we surround ourselves with globally from patterns in clothing, wallpaper and pillow designs into new forms of visual art.

Nonetheless, I am excited to immerse myself in the rich arts atmosphere and culture in Berlin to discuss what it means to be a contemporary artist all while exploring fresh, unknown territories both geographically and stylistically in my practice during the residency.



Master of Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, Spring 2017
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spring 2013
The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX

Associates in Arts, Fall 2008
Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX


Baggage, Rhetorical Galleries, Phoenix, AZ, May-June 2017
Inverse Conversations V, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ, April 2017
Baggage, MFA Solo Thesis Exhibition, Step Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, Mar. 2017
Abstract in the Singular: Part Two, Fine Arts Complex 1101, Tempe, AZ, Mar. 2017
Abstract in the Singular: Part One, Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, Feb.-Mar. 2017

Eleven, Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix College, Phoenix, AZ, October 2016
Nathan Cummings Fellowship Travel Grant Exhibition, Step Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, April 2016
Inverse Conversations II, 13 Contemporary Art Space, Qing Zhou, China, March-May 2016
Inverse Conversations, a group exhibition, Remnin University, Beijing, China, March 2016
Geometry in the Expanded Field, a group exhibition, Fine Art Complex 1101, Feb. 2016
MAS Attack 10: An ARTRA Curatorial Event, Fine Art Complex 1101,Tempe, AZ, January 2016

Portmanteau, a Group Exhibition, Public Image, Phoenix, AZ, Dec. 2015
Somewhere Between Black and White, Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe,AZ, Nov. – Dec. 2015
Aesthetic Alchemy, a Juried Sculpture Exhibition, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ, Oct.-Nov. 2015
Incept, A Painting & Drawing Art Collective Exhibition, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, October 2015
Two Conversations, A Two-Person Exhibition, Step Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, October 2015
2015 Summer Juried MFA Exhibition, Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, May-August 2015
Realizations, an MFA Group Exhibition, Frontal Lobe Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, May 2015
Inverse Conversations: Tradition RE/Formed, Step Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, January 2015

The Eight on Seventh, an MFA Painting Group Show, Mother Bunch Brewery, Phoenix, AZ, December 2014
New Graduate Exhibition, Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, October 2014
Solo Pop Up Show, Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, TX, June-July 2014
Juried Student Exhibition, Meadows Gallery, UT Tyler, Tyler, TX, May-Aug. 2014

The East Texas All-Star Showcase, Downtown Tyler Square, Tyler, TX, Sept. 2013
Bohemian Variety Show, Apex Theatre 20, Tyler, TX, Sept. 2013
6” X 6” Exhibition, Gallery Main Street, Tyler, TX, June 2013
Juried Student Exhibition, Meadows Gallery, UT Tyler, Tyler, TX, May-Aug. 2013
21st Annual Cup Sale, NCECA, Houston, TX, March 2013
Senior BFA Exhibition, Fine Arts Complex Gallery, UT Tyler, Tyler, TX, March 2013
Axiom, UT Tyler Student Exhibition, NCECA, Houston, TX, March 2013
Girl Power, an all woman group exhibition, The Coffin Shop, Tyler, TX, Jan. 2013


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TEDX SRP Rebooted guest artist, Tempe, AZ, May 2017
Teaching Artist, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix, AZ, 2016
Guest Lecturer, Phoenix College, 2D Design Foundations, Oct. 2016
Student Member, TAG- The Art Grads, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, 2015-2017
Student Member, NCECA-National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts,
Client Provider, Civitan Foundation, Williams, AZ June-Dec. 2015


Grant Recipient, Arizona State University, Spring 2017
Philip Curtis Graduate Fellowship, Fall 2016-Spring 2017
Special Talent Award, Arizona State University, Fall 2014-Spring 2016
Gerry Grout Visual Arts Scholarship, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts for Art Scholarship recipient, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
The University of Texas at Tyler, President’s List, Spring 2013
The University of Texas at Tyler, Art Talent Scholarship, Fall 2012
Tyler Junior College, Promises to Keep Scholarship, Fall 2010