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Korea, South 1991

Traveling and moving back and forth in between two cultures (Korea and U.S.) brings me to dynamic range of people’s and things’ stories and sceneries. From a decade of such experience, I found fascinating and treasurable of widely different perspectives existing within one space. From this city, building, and room to the next one, or just from this point which my eyes and ears are held to an inch away, the size and range of differences in perspective can vary physically, culturally or conceptually, and it yields myriads of windows to approach a reality. My artistic interest and practice lies on top of revealing these multitude of portraits drawn by different point of views hence, continuously redefining the fluctuating existential qualities of time and space in contemporary techno-media society. Through art of sound composition, science of acoustics and muti-media technology, I seek for simple, intuitive yet creative structures and patterns as an instrument to conceive and apprehend each moment of the reality as its own phenomenon.

Mint Park at
OPEN STUDIOS September 2017
MATRIX CHAMBER v2.0 // Presentation

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Mint Park

Matrix Chamber
New Media, Sound, Video Art 2015

Mint Park

Matrix Chamber
New Media, Sound, Video Art 2015

Mint Park

Performance, Sound, Dance, Video 2015

Mint Park

Dissect Thin Air
Sound, Data Art 2015


Based on the idea of altering and re-interpreting current space and time and making it into something else, a plane which bridges between reality and digital space. I have been using landscape data of made by people and objects in a room, to create and control sounds and visuals, which are senses that we reference time and space. The received data and sound can be recorded from the space of performance but also at the same time it will be distributed in visual format over the net through a log-in server as virtual human imprint.

In a way, this is an instrument, interface, and a platform designed for collaborations, where different mediums and different time qualities are seamlessly welded. The project will be similar to my previous work, Matrix Chamber(2015), except this time, it will be more intricately designed in terms of its sound, visuals and interactivity with the audience. In other words, the instrument can be custom to artists or user in control of the space. The idea is to create a day long round-the-clock event consists of short performances through out day to indicate passing of every hour or change of time and space in artistic measurement.

During the residency I will be gathering a handful of artists from musicians to choreographers and visual artists to participate and be part of the installation and performance. I will also be building simple and light physical objects which audience can interact with.



BIT 2.0 (2016)
WeSA Audio Visual Festival, Seoul, South Korea
Dec.2-4 2016

SVS Creative Lab x 4D SOUND
4D SOUND, Budapest, Hungary
Aug.19- 29, 2016

FOG FIRE presents: Julien Boudart, Mint Park AKA BAKAH (Unheard Records), SpaceMonkey III & Stylish Nonsense
JAM, Bangkok, Thailand
Jan.08, 2016

BAKAH live @Mudaruk (2016)
Mudaruk, Seoul, South Korea
Jan.02, 2016

2015 REDCAT NOW Festival, Los Angeles CA USA
Aug. 6-8 2015

Dissect Thin Air(2015)
the wulf. Los Angeles CA USA Jun.28, 2015

Chronos Metrisies(2015)
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA USA
Feb.11, 2015


Matrix Chamber(2015)
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA USA
Apr.20-27, 2015

Digital Arts Expo 2014, Valencia CA USA
May.8-9, 2014


EP MorphingXYZ(2016)
Unheard Records

Unheard Records


MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media (Expected May 2018)
Mills College
Oakland, CA

BFA in Music Composition and Digital Arts(2015)
California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA