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France 1974

Mainly site specific, my work is dealing with the context, often a work which literally takes
place, mostly contextual, creating a dialog with the space where it is shown.
The architecture, the post modern references, the use of simple materials, are core to the
My drawings, wall drawings and architectural installations reflect a perception of space as
map, a living space and place for the body, with a translation of space which is both physical
and metaphysical. On one hand, lines, plans and volumes propose a concrete experience of
space, whereas on the other, semantic superimposition, big scale photos, and fake drawn
perspectives suggest an imaginary space that doubles our first apprehension of reality.
My practice is focusing on the perception of the architecture, by building up installations that
involves the viewer into the work.
The layout, removal, transparency, mirroring and folding of materials are recurrent notions in
the work, allowing to approach architecture through a dialog with its structural elements, also
by involving the notion of process, in which the gesture, often brings life to objects and space.
This combination of formal riguour and physicality enables me to have a practice both
constructed and sensitive, where the space can also appear as a mental projection.
My work reflects upon the place one’s lives in or/and the place where you show the work, and
questions how they are inhabiting us.
Responding to places, I’m trying to build works that could relate to a sensitive architecture,
involving the notions of displacement, memory and place, deconstruction and reconstruction,
so that the audience can practice and experiment those spaces in various ways

Marie Jeanne Hoffner at
Sensitive Geometry // Artist Talk
OPEN STUDIOS September 2017
A Roof Above your Head 2017 // International Interchange Program

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Marie Jeanne Hoffner: Heim

Wooden structure, and black Barrisol , printed images on walls.

Marie Jeanne Hoffner: Perspective

Drawing on plastic film, 800 cm x 500 cm

Marie Jeanne Hoffner: Models

Display of painted balsa models on mirrors, various sizes.


With a work that takes its origins in the relationship with space and architecture, I would like to research and develop a specific project around the Hansaviertel neighborhood, which is close by Tiergarten.

This area concentrates a serie of patrimonial buildings, holding the utopian point of view on the renewal of habitat from the post war reconstruction era.

The International architecture exhibition (Interbau) allowed the construction of this amazing area from 1955, for which renown architects created these modern buildings which can now be seen like an open sky museum. Niemeyer, Alto, Gropius,.. are amongst the most famous architects to create new ways of thinking the modern living.

For the project I would like to make videos and pictures around and inside the buildings, and to meet the inhabitants in order to collect series of portraits of the places themselves.
This project can be seen like a sort of ‘collection’ that has been going , as a side of my practice, since several years: a video record of stories of places, told by people, in link with their personal memories of displacements. I realized ‘ Building Backwards’, in Australia, where places are told by their inhabitants, the memory is embodied in the places but also takes place with the oral transmission.


1993/99- Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nantes : BA / MA fine art
1996/97- Glasgow School of Art (Erasmus) Environmental art department.
2010 - Agence culturelle de lʼArt Dordogne-Périgord, Monbazillac castle, France.
2009 - La Box, national art school, Bourges, France.
- Arts Tasmania, Port Arthur Historic Site, Australia.
2008 - BS1 project Residency, Insite Arts/ Bristol Alliance, Bristol, UK.
- Studio residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.
2007 - International Residency RIAA, Ostende, Argentina.
- French Embassy, travel grant, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2006 - production and sponsorship grants: Drac Centre, Conseil Régional Centre, Ville de Paris,
French Embassy in Australia.
2005 - Artist residency, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. (sponsors : Alliance Française &
Ambassade de France in Australia)
2004 - Production bursary, Ville de Paris.
2003 - Residency, Art Centre La Synagogue de Delme, Lindre-Basse, France.
2002- Studio instalment grant, DRAC Centre
2001- artist residency, Collège Marcel Duchamp, Châteauroux

2015 - ‘Le pavillon’, La Graineterie, Contemporary art space, Houilles, France.
2014 - ‘Rear view’, ICAN, Sydney, Australia.
- ‘Le Désert’ ( with Alex Pittendrigh) Contemporary Art Tasmania gallery, Hobart, Australia.
2013 - ʻMiroir noirʼ, FRAC Alsace, Séléstat, France.
2012 - ʻA particular portion of spaceʼ, Payne Shurvell Gallery, London, UK.
- ʼdéplis, trames et grillesʼ, galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris, France.
2010 - Château de Monbazillac, Agence culturelle Dordogne-Périgord, France.
2009 - ʻNew found landʼ, Point Ephémère, Paris, France.
- Garrett Hoffner : Gold Rushʼ, Espace Art Contemporain, La Rochelle, France.
- Garrett Hoffner
: After the Gold Rushʼ, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Conical
Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2007 - Ernesto Catena contemporary photography gallery, Buenos aires, Argentina.
- ʻAt homeʼ, Parc St Léger art centre, hors les murs, Nevers.
2006 - ʻHeimlich-What belongs to the houseʼ, Linden art Center, Melbourne, Australia.
2005 - ʻFormes du reliefʼ, Centre culturel Les Dominicaines, Pont-LʼÉvèque, France.
2004 - ʻLandscapeʼ, Galerie de l'école municipale des Beaux-Arts de St-Nazaire, France.
2002 - ʻElévationsʼ, Arteaspoon galerie, Brussels, Belgium
- ʻStairway to heavenʼ, Project room, Glasgow Independant Studios, Glasgow.
*GARRETT HOFFNER : Collaboration with Australian artist Stephen Garrett-

COLLECTIVE exhibitions (selection)
2016 - ‘Outiller le dessin’, Drawing Room, La Panacée, Montpellier. (c: plateforme Roven)
2015 - ‘L’effet Vertigo’, 10 years of art collection of Mac/Val museum, Ivry sur Seine.
- ‘À l’air libre’, ENSA-PLV gallery, Paris
2014 - ‘Architectures invisibles’, Moulins de Paillards, Poncé S/Le loir ( c: A. Fau)
- ‘Paysages sur paysages’, Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris.
- ‘Territoires commun(e)s’, Le 116, Contemporary art centre, Montreuil.
2013 - ʻLayersʼ, galerie 22,48m2, Paris. (c: L. Le Bouder)
2011 - ʻYour garden is looking a mess…ʻ, PayneShurvell gallery, Londres, UK.
- ʻThis must be the placeʼ, Paris-Berlin, PSM gallery, Berlin, Germany.
- ʻPlutôt que rien : démontagesʼ & ‘Formation(s)’, Maison Populaire, Montreuil
2010 - ʻRacines carréesʼ, La Box, national art school gallery, Bourges, France.
- ʻArchitecture en lignesʼ, Contemporary Art Museum, Sérignan, France.
- ʻInfinite foldʼ, Thaddaeus Ropac gallery, Paris.
2009 - ʻInsides/insightsʼ, Anne+ Art Projects, Ivry-Sur-Seine.
2008 - ʻDrawing + Architectureʼ, (curator) school of art gallery, Châteauroux.
- ʻBS1 projectʼ exhibition, Bristol, UK.
- ʻJe reviendraiʼ, collection of Vitry s/Seine city, MAC/VAL museum.
- ʻStates of spaceʼ, Skanes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden.
- Askeaton Contemporary arts, Ireland.
2007 - ʻComposite realitiesʼ, (C: D. Thomas) CCP, Melbourne, Australia.
- ʻDessins en mouvementsʼ, galerie municipale de Vitry-s/Seine.
- ʻA room with a viewʼ,(curator) Cast gallery, Hobart, Tasmania.
2006 - ʻInterior Designʼ (curator), Alliance Française gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
- ʻThe maid of Corynthʼ, Market gallery, Glasgow, UK.
2005 - ʻAgir Procheʼ, (c: O. Grasser), Maison de la culture dʼAmiens.
- ʻLe principe dʼincertitudeʼ, (c: M.Lanavère), Galerie Public>, Paris
2001 - ʻEspace vitalʼ, Contemporary art centre, La Criée, Rennes. (c: Larys Frogier)

Collections / Public Art
FMAC Collection Ville de Paris
FRAC Alsace.
Simmons & Simmons
Collection City of Montreuil.
Collection City of Vitry-sur/Seine (dépôt au Mac/Val museum).
Collection city of Nantes.
Collection city of La Rochelle.
1% artistique, Collège Léonard de Vinci, Guigneville-sur-Essonne.
1% artistique, Centre social des Bords de Loire, Nevers.

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