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Belgium 1988

My pictorial practice has driven me to exploit various industrial materials. Those ordinary materials, for which the expressive capacity is usually non existent, I divert them from their primary function, to integrate them in a work with an aesthetic and plastic reach.

I am also interested in “ordinary place to live”, these countless location which form the general scenery, anonymous, unknown and even despised by our actions, and particularly on the urban living locations.

When I intervene on a place, the purpose is double; first of all, the idea is to define the sensitivity of places, in terms of localization, history and symbolic values of the places, in a way , carry out a “critical inventory of ordinariness”.
On the other hand, in accordance with these elements we could call “biographic”, I integrate those used materials in the installation. Moving the eyes between the place and the novelty brought contribute to a recovery of the place by the viewer. This practice-based artistic research intend to introduce and stimulate a “public reflection” on art, it’s place in our environment, and the relation we usually have with it.

The “physicals elements”(such as sticky tape, tube, strap, etc.) of my work are composed of an expressive range. Those elements are on artwork's service.

Laurent Trezegnies at
LA ESCOCESA + GLOGAUAIR 2017 // International Interchange Program

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Laurent Trezegnies: Étreintes Urbaines

Étreintes Urbaines
Installation_public space, sticky tape, unknown, the installation was on different area of the city, Maastricht, 2013

Laurent Trezegnies: Untitled

Installation_public space, sticky tape, undefine, path through streets, 2015

Laurent Trezegnies: Parkunst Brussels

Parkunst Brussels
Sculpture, colored straps, in motion, 80 meters length, 8 meters high, straps /2M, 2016


During the residency, I want to illustrate by installation in-situ the expressive richness of the stroke and his interpretations. The materialized stroke in his chosen environment by contribution of fixed or moving elements propose a selection sight on the present reality of this environment and the transformation of this one, leading to new visual interpretations of the place.

I propose to search for in what a language of drawing could be applied on environmental forms for amplify, update or increase them.


L.T.(1988, Nassogne, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated from MA in Fine Arts in 2012, at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Liège, (Be.). He is currently working at different artistic projects in relation to the public space.

Award and Scholarships :

2014_Prix de la Jeune Sculpture Wallonie-Bruxelles.
2011_2012 Academy of fine Arts in liège (Be.) Master in visual arts.
2010_2011 Academy of fine arts in Milano (It.) Brera, (LLP prg.)
2007_2010 Higher school of fine arts of Saint-Luc, Liège (Be.) Bachelor in visual arts. 1998_2008 Conservatory of cello.
2003_2007 Institution Saint-Roch, Marche-en-Famenne (Be.) : CESS, (visual arts).
Solo exhibition :
2012: “Composition Adhésive” - Space-Collection, Liège, (Be.)

Selected group exhibitions :

2016 : Biennal d’art contemporain, PARKUNST, Brussels
2016 : « Contemporary Signs », Castello Oldofreddi, Iseo (It.)
2016 : « Dans Tout Ces Eclats », Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg Belge
2015 : Biennale d'art contemporain, 50°Nord, watch this space, Roubais (Fr.) ; 2015 : ECOMUSEO DEL PAESAGGIO, Montecarotto (It.)
2015 : Prix Collignon, musée d'Ansembourg, Liège, (Be.)
2015 : Centre Culturel de Chénée, Création Artist Festival(FACC), Belgium ; 2015 : A collaboration between the audiovisual collective TRIPOT
and the visual artist Laurent Trezegnies. multidisciplinary installation
that integrates video and sculpture ; Recyclart (Brussels) and iMAL (Brussels).
2014 : Prix du Luxembourg Belge, installation site-specific, CACLB Montauban (Be.) ; 2014 : Prix de la jeune sculpture Wallonie-Bruxelles (Laureate)
2014 : Art & Métaux, Biennale de sculptures, Château de Jehay (Be.)
2014 : Open-Site, Entre-Lacs, parcours d'oeuvres d'art urbain, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France ; 2014 : Artefatto, Trieste, Italy
2014 : Centre Wallon d’Art Contemporain - La Châtaigneraie, (Be.)
2013 : Centre Culturel Jacques Franck “40ème anniversaire”, Bruxelless (Be.) ; 2013 : Beelden Op Het Vrijthof - Maastricht, Netherlands
2013 : Centre culturel de Chénée, Belgium
2012: “Creation Prize” - Musée D’Ansembourg, Liège, (Be.); 2012 : Galerie Saint-Luc, Liège, (Be.)
2011 : “Italia-identità artistiche, identità nazionale” - Castello di Sartirana Lomellina, (It.)

Selected residency:

2015 : 3 weeks residency, Zsenne Asbl ArtLab, Brussels, site-specific, public space.
2014 : From 2_29 december, Contemporaneamente, Moving Art&Open Space, « Dare senso ai Luoghi» progetto SAC, polignano a Mare (It.) in collab. With Pino Pascali Fondation.
2014 : Antwerp (Be.) Fringe festival 6_7th sept. : performative theatre, live scenography with «Teatropo – Northkoreographie(s)», albert figut and edoardo ripani.
2014 : From 6_12 july, Soundwalks_Drammaturgià urbana sul tema delle rovine, Taranto (It.)-città vecchià. directed by Lajos Talamonti, Urban Lies.
2014 : From 8_13 may, creation theatre residency, IIC Bruxelles, directed by Andrea Ciommiento. 2014 : From 2_7jan. Performance Nessuntratro(org.), Grottamare (It.) Città come messincena, research laboratory for new performatives forms, with a focus on urban space.
2013 : ARTISTPROJECT, ILES asbl, Bruxelles (Be.) Three week workshop. Perfectionising the professional devellopement of my artistic practice.
2012 : Creative drive, Liège (Be.) Participation in the closing program. Meeting with creative drives during their residence. Then, through our common interest, we participated together in a performative action in the public space.