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Chile 1984

Jose` s work articulate the power relationships experienced by the contemporaneous subject. They are exposed explicitly, in an irreverent way, providing a confusing message in the receptor.

His work maintains an interest for large formats and the use of materials affected by erosion, due to their exposition to the environment, as seen in his earlier work (specifically in site specific paints). Recently, influenced by different artistic trends, he made a change in his works, pointing at a more specific painting, joining other elements, such as oil, wood and stones. This change reflects his interest in conceptualizing and contextualizing new themes in his work: power, religion, violence and sex, as the objectification of power in the body or the objectification of the body through power.

Jose Caerols at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2017

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Pieza "El Arribo" en MALINCHE
Sagrada Mercancía 2016, Santiago Chile

Sagrada Mercancía 2016, Santiago Chile

Pieza "El Robo de Hispano América" en MERMA
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo 2015, Santiago Chile

Operación Siglo XX
MUTT Gallery 2015, Santiago Chile

Jose Caerols: Monumento Capital

Monumento Capital
site specific installation, 4 m2, found objects, 2017

Jose Caerols: El Carajo, Mitos de una herencia

El Carajo, Mitos de una herencia
Audiovisual piece, 10 minuts, música Ilia

Jose Caerols: El Arribo

El Arribo
Site specific instalation, paint and sanding on cloth , rope burned oil gravel and timbers, 90 m3, 2016

Jose Caerols: Maíz Hibrido

Maíz Hibrido
Mural variable measures, sacks of corn seeds, 2016

Jose Caerols: Pucará

sculpture variable measures, bricks, cement and steel chains, 2016

Jose Caerols: El Robo de Hispano América

El Robo de Hispano América
Site specific instalation, 6t corn cobs, 9 paint 3m x 3m each one, over fertilizer sacks, rope, 2015

Jose Caerols: Monumento Lampedusa

Monumento Lampedusa
Intervetion of Site specific, rope and tires (Pacific Ocean), 2014

Jose Caerols: La fatiga de San Jorge

La fatiga de San Jorge
Site specific installation, paint and sanding on cloth, 2t river stones,2 pine beams, 2011


The city, through its residuality as footprint and context of a postindustrial identity, is the object of my study. I consider the idea of identity as a constant construction and deconstruction that is mobile and could be manipulated.
The system of power in all its variants is a component of an overwhelming reality considered both in a political way as well as in a plastic and visual form.
This residuality is ultimately presented as a symbolic archiology of a system.
Through a conceptual investigative process of production, I seek to give a form and a weight to the underlying invisible processes of this structure.
When entire aspects of our existence fall into abstraction, as a consequence of a world-scale
change, it is through the process of production that a connection is formed between signs and

This process is develped through three phases

a research focusing on the monumentalization of the city generated during the occupation of the allies

2nd - this final investigation find a way through the meaning of the production process, generated by this aesthetic - ideological sequences in relation to the subject before proposed.

3rd - these aesthetic - ideological relations are defined by means of pieces (i.e. defined by the meaning of the investigation) and while working as initial act of an idea in construction, they propose more questions than answers


Currently studying Master in Urban Design, Public Art, City and Society. / University of Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor of visual arts, Finis Térrae University, Santiago, Chile, 2005.

Solo Exhibition
“COSTA”, Espai M-La Escocesa, Barcelona, Chile
“MALINCHE” ,Sagrada Mercancia Gallery, Santiago, Chile
“127YEN”, Ross Cultural Center, Pichilemu , Chile
“Operación Siglo XX” ,MUTT Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
“GUILIGAN”, Tajamar Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
“LA FATIGA DE SAN JORGE” Corretger5 Gallery , Barcelona., España.
“CRISIS”, Balmaceda / Young Art Gallery, Valparaíso, Chile.
“WELCOM WAMACHUCO” National Museum Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, Santiago, Chile.
“Latex & Zapatera”, Trafix Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

Collective exhibition
“Festival LINDARS”,La Escocesa, Barcelona, España
“Accion de Descarga”, Espai M- La Escocesa, Barcelona , España
“Colección MAC, pOST 90”, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo , Santiago , Chile
“Muestra Tripartita” Open Darck Gallery , Santiago Chile
“Biennial of medial arts BVAM "Santiago, Chile.
Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago, Chile.
- “MISTER MASTER MONSTER”, Factoria Santa Rosa Gallery, Santiago Chile.
-“SUB 30”, Contemporary Art Museum,Santiago, Chile.
- Paso de Cebra,Art Hall Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
-La Familia Manson, Espacio Opening Independent Gallery, Off Chaco, Santiago, Chile.
“PQN+”, Contemporary Art Museum , Santiago, Chile.
- “Bello amorfo”,YONO Gallery, Santiago ,Chile.
- “Virus Debilitado”, Wschodnia Gallery,Lodz, Polonia.
-“Bajo tierra”, Matucana 1oo / Cultural Center, Santiago Chile
-“The Leñadores Proyect”, ANIMAL Gallery, Santiago Chile
- “Titulados UFT” Die Ecke Gallery, Santiago, Chile
-“Road Trip 1” Salón Tudor Gallery, Santiago, Chile
-“Revell Toi”, International festival of contemporary art B.A.C//CCCB, Barcelona, España
-“Be long here”, Cultural Center of España, Santiago, Chile.
-“NO POP”, Moro Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
-"INOXIDABLE NEOPOP", Santa Fe Gallery , Bogotá, Colombia
“INOXIDABLE NEOPOP", Braga Menéndez Gallery, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Grants and prizes

Grant granted by the National Fund for Culture and Arts of Chile (FONDART), in the area of Scholarships and Internships for the realization of Postgraduate courses at the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Third prize Chandon, young district, ARTEBA ART FAIR /2009


-“Chile Arte Joven” /“Young Chilean Artist”, AAL Editions , Santiago, Chile
-“SUB 30” Ocholibros, Santiago Chile.
-“Arte Callejero en Chile”/”Street art in Chile”, Ocho libros Editions , Santiago, Chile.
-“Nuevo Mundo, Latin Amercican Street Art”, Gestalten Exploring Visual Culture Editions, Berlin, Germany.
- “Revisión Técnica”/ Chilean Contemporary Painting 1980-2010, Ocholibros Editions , Santiago, Chile.
- “Ojo Latino”, Skira Editions, Milan.Italy
- “La tarde que compre la vida sexual de Catherine, M, veintidós átomos pornográficos ilustrados”, Tintas Alternativas Editions , Barcelona, España.
-”Street Art Chile2, Eight Books Editions , Londres. UK
- “Neopop , Visual trends in Latin America”, Midia comunicaciones, Santiago.
-“El libro del graffiti”/” The Graffiti Book”, Par de Peces Editions, Santiago, Chile.

Work experience
Associate professor , “Optional creative painting course, From Picasso to Warholl”,
Faculty of Architecture and Art, Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.
Associate professor, painting workshop II, Faculty of Architecture and Art , Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.
Associate professor, painting workshop I, Faculty of Architecture and Art, Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.
Associate professor, painting workshop I, Faculty of Architecture and Art, Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.
Associate professor, painting workshop II
Faculty of Architecture and Art, Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.
Lecturer at Finis Terrae University in seminar “Muralism and public intervention today”
Professor in Summer artistic courses on Balmaceda 1215 Cultural Center, Urban Art Course, Santiago, Chile.
Work shop “Urban plastic trends, development and origin”, Desarrollo University, Santiago, Chile.