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United Kingdom 1985

Working with photography, moving image, performance and installation. My practice uses myself as protagonist through performance to camera and live performance. Creating sculptural compositions choreographing body and object in reaction to space.

Jenny Lewis at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2017
Meet the Artist - Jenny Lewis // Interview

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Jenny Lewis

Mixed Media Installation 2016

Jenny Lewis

Sockel, Gute Stube
Film Still Projection 2016

Jenny Lewis

Kurbis, Gute Stube
Lambda Print 16 x 20" 2016

Jenny Lewis

1/2 meter squash/ed
film still Projection 2015

Jenny Lewis

1/2 meter squash/ed
live perfomance 2015

Jenny Lewis

Diablo, Le Swimming
Film still Projection installation 5m sq 2014

Jenny Lewis

Film Still Projection 2013

Jenny Lewis: Down the Drain

Down the Drain
Analogue Print 28 x 35" 2010

Jenny Lewis: Tights, Jenny World

Tights, Jenny World
Analogue Print 30 x 30" 2009

Jenny Lewis: Ladies, Jenny World

Ladies, Jenny World
Analogue Print 28 x 35" 2008