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Korea, South 1979 / Japan 1985

Born in South Korea in 1979

JAZOO Yang has been participating in various collaboration artworks in Seoul, Busan, Jeju-island, Bejing, Berlin, cities in France and many other places concerning issues of solitude and reclusion residing in fast-paced major cities. She understands the individuals’ extreme sense of solitude is a practical disease resulted from highly developed social structures, and with her artistic mediums of painting, installation, live performances, she diagnoses the seriousness of its state by looking into the flotsam and jetsam of wounded humanity and abandonedly ruined sights in cities.

Haku Sungho
Born in Japan in 1985, 3rd Generation Korean/Japanese

Haku Sungho graduated from Inter Media Art department of Tokyo University of the Art, has been participating in performances with dancers, painters, and other musicians whom he is acquainted with via Korea National University Of Arts and other venues. By practicing music composition and visual art projects, he has been trying to find his proposition with others in new dimensions suggested by his ontological existence. In the process of practicing his performances in Tokyo, Yokohama, Seoul, Busan, Hongkong, London and other cities, he has perceived his identity as ‘overseas Korean’ and felt ambiguous station without firm emotional roots to his origin thus being distanced from the community and people he encounters. It is the core of his artistic career that he endeavors to achieve his ego through being constantly reminded by such distances and understanding better the situations.

We met each other for the first time at a residency program in the alternative cultural space AGIT based in Busan, South Korea in 2011, and again in Seoul in the following year. Since then, we have been working collaboratively in live performances of improvisation and installations, and other works.

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho at
OPEN STUDIOS December 2017
Silent Tales - The non-verbal narrative of soundscape and music // Artist Talk

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Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

Installation work, abandoned furnitures and fixtures, building materials taken from the demolished village
400 x 340 x 300 cm; 2013

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

Dots:Shosse Revolustll 84
Covered using thumbprint with Asian traditional ink, Street Art Museum, St Petersburg, Russia 1500cm H x 2500cm W 2016

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

Specimens of street, solventfree epoxy paints, panel 8.9 x 6.2 in /22.7 x 15.8 cm; 2017

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho: Composition series

Composition series
Painting blocks, 2016-2017

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

The Box
Wood, String, Bolts; 45 x 30cm, 18cm; 2016

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

1 structure is consisted of 12 walls which can rotate 180 degrees and 48 doors with canvases which also can rotate 180 degrees; 2014

Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

[RAW 1.0] Eexxppoann, Haku Sungho & Kezzardrix
[RAW 1.0] Eexxppoann, Haku Sungho & Kezzardrix Audio Live - Eexxppoann & Haku Sungho Visual Live - Kezzardrix 0 2016